They Know

In separate incidents, two foreign girlfriends pumped me for information in order to gain hand and file away dirt for future arguments.

“Why aren’t you married?” they wanted to know.  I am at that age where people start to wonder.  I did my usual, infuriating prevarication.  None of their bloody business.

Both of them followed up with something that surprised me immensely: they asked me if it was because divorce laws are so unfair in Australia and can result in the woman cheating, leaving and taking the house, money and kids.

They know.

Girls normally enjoy imagining that they are hard done by in every respect.  Why should this case be different?

There are many women today, especially those aged around thirty, who would dearly love to marry and have children but can’t because suitable (i.e. employed and single) men who are willing to commit are thinly spread.  Some of these women know that male marital reluctance, particularly among Westerners, partly stems from the behaviour of their divorced sisters.  They know the system disincentives marriage for men and they are the collateral damage.  They miss out on marriage and kids, and also the post-divorce cash and prizes.

A Taiwanese lady mentioned that her girlfriend had been talking about the absurd Australian divorce laws, and had suggested marrying and divorcing an Aussie as an easy way to get set up financially for life.

Here there be tygers.

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