Things Not to Read

Adam Piggott published a good article a while back.  In it, he pointed out that serial pest Clementine Ford scribbles absurd things only because she thrives on attention like extremophiles thrive on boiling hot sea bed vents.  She needs the blowback in order to cry ‘poor me!’ and sell her ‘books’.  Adam points out that she is a woman in desperate need of being roundly ignored.  He promises to do so from that post on, and has.

There are plenty more where that came from.  Yassmin Abdel Magied.  Jessica Valenti.  Germaine Greer.  Anyone who write for The Guardian (see examples here and here).  They’re not all feminists – there are many others besides.

Like me, you’ve probably read look-at-moi articles by these typists and groaned at the obvious flaws and inanity.

It’s time to rise above it.

Look at moi.  Look at moi!  Look at moooiiiii!

Most of your life is spend either working or doing those other things you need to do to live, like cooking, eating, exercising and cleaning the tops of doors.  Each week you’d be very lucky to get a whole ten hours of discretionary time.  Over a lifetime, that adds up to bugger all.

How do you want to use that time?

Do you want to spend it reading idiotic charlatans and then devouring a long string of erudite response articles and YouTube videos condemning them?

Or, do you want to focus on your own goals?

Whatever your purpose is, unless it is to increase your blood pressure and damage your phone, you will not help to achieve it by reading rubbish.

Hours are treasure.

Finally, Epicurus says: there’s no point forming opinions about things you can’t change.  They are so.


  1. bucky · October 10, 2017

    It’s true, it’s not a good use of your time to engage those on the other side of the political spectrum in debate. Most of the time they’re going to respond with logical fallacies and putting words in your mouth (e.g. “so you think it’s ok to bully fat people” if you say that fat acceptance is bad) and even if you do find the rare one who responds sincerely, you’re not going to convince her. The only good that might come out of it is pushing someone who’s following along over toward your side, but as you pointed out it’s highly debatable that that’s a good use of the very limited time we have here on Earth.

    Thanks for the reminder that I probably need to clean the tops of my doors.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 16, 2017

      It depends what your priorities are. Other people probably care more about stuff than I do. I’m cool with the West eating itself so I can’t be bothered arguing even where it may make a difference.


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