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This is a pointless anecdote.  Don’t read it.  Instead, work with a single-minded focus toward furthering your goals.  You should check out Mike Cernovich’s page if you’d like to read something useful – apparently it’s really good.

You’ll think this story is made-up, anyway.  I can’t be bothered arguing about it.  If you do feel the need to read it, don’t kick up a fuss in the comments.  I don’t want to hear it. Read More

Three Things the Left is Right About (Number Two is Going to Drive You Bonkers)

As you may know, I’m a lapsed leftie who still has vestiges of the more archaic progressive values. As I know, my readers are mostly alt-right or odd-right leaners who use words like ‘trannie’ and ‘negro’.

Hello again.

I have noticed that many of the loony left trends the right or conservative side justly moan about nevertheless have their origins in a grain of truth. Let up put these grains under the microscope so that we can consider them with gynecological precision.

Gender is a Social Construct

Yus, yus, I know about x and y chromosomes. I’m not as stupid as I look, you know. There are two grains of truth hiding in this let’s-give-hormones-to-kids madness. Here they are. First, it is true that gender is a continuum which includes some culturally specific behaviours like clothing, colours and so on. There are always some tomboys and sissies. Second, there really is a weird in-between sex group. Not just those with gender dysphoria – there are a small percentage of people who have a variety of medical syndromes which means they do not neatly fit into one sex or the other. Sometimes they are infertile. For some reason the existence of such people never caused a public toilet stir during the millennia-long history of public toilets until just a few years ago. Discretion, people. Manners and discretion.

There are no Objective Morals or Standards

I won’t argue the point here. Instead I invite my unconvinced reader to peruse relevant books on ethical philosophy. That oughta keep you out of mischief for a while.

The conservative reader will nevertheless protest that abandoning objective standards (or their pretense) will quickly lead to societal barbarisms such as single mothers, rap music and public celebrations of distasteful sexual practices. All this is true. I will write more about this in a future post but the TL;DR version is: let’s keep the plebs enslaved with these imagined standards. The working class should go to church on Sunday and fear fiery damnation when they jack off to Taylor Swift.

Environment, as well as Genes, Makes a Difference

I live in an black African country where the locals are mostly quiet, polite, well-dressed and civil. They don’t even jaywalk much. The average IQ here is the same as that for African Americans. The alt-right correctly, and cheekily, points out the importance of genes. They also tend to unfairly dismiss the influence of environment on human behaviour and culture. The exact nature of such environmental influence seems speculative aside from obvious factors such as head trauma, parasites and iodine deficiency.  Nevertheless, it is there, and it is enormous.

So, the left gets some things right.  It’s their extrapolations that gets them into trouble.

They Know

In separate incidents, two foreign girlfriends pumped me for information in order to gain hand and file away dirt for future arguments.

“Why aren’t you married?” they wanted to know.  I am at that age where people start to wonder.  I did my usual, infuriating prevarication.  None of their bloody business.

Both of them followed up with something that surprised me immensely: they asked me if it was because Read More

From Regrets, Goals

Being an organised chap I set goals, each with its own, detailed to-do list.  The trickiest part is choosing the goals in the first place.  How often have you sat down and thought, what do I want to do with my life?

I went for a very long walk on an abandoned winter beach to review my goals.  I found it helpful to notice regrets from each period of my life, and to turn each into a goal for the future.

Looking back on my early adulthood, I regret not Read More

Things Not to Read

Adam Piggott published a good article a while back.  In it, he pointed out that serial pest Clementine Ford scribbles absurd things only because she thrives on attention like extremophiles thrive on boiling hot sea bed vents.  She needs the blowback in order to cry ‘poor me!’ and sell her ‘books’.  Adam points out that she is a woman in desperate need of being Read More

My Gods

Gods are interesting, aren’t they.  Peoples makes them according to their own needs and outlook.

Primitive societies create animist gods.  They see a thing they don’t understand or can’t control – an enormous, gnarled tree, the wind; and they give it a god in order to wrap their heads around it.  There’s usually not much deep Read More