In Defense of the Chinese Communist Party


A Chinese Communist Party official enjoys the romantic attentions of his 18 year old lover.  The back story is here.

The Chinese Communist Party has the absolute right to rule China in any manner it wishes.

This post is not directed at Western meddlers.  It is for the Chinese subjects themselves, including the malcontent rascals in Hong Kong and the expat anti-patriots.  Most of all it is for any mainland Chinese man who dares to question, in his heart of hearts, the legitimacy of his overlords.

This is not an argument based on industrialization, security or living standards.  Any country of non-retards can achieve those by borrowing technologies and institutions from more accomplished nations.  All you need is a few decades of relative peace.  Even Cambodia, for Christ’s sake, is starting to develop.  All the CCP did was to step gently out of the way from about 1990 on.  Brilliant.

This is not a defense of the CCP’s excesses.  Yes, they are corrupt.  Yes, they murder and imprison rivals and steal their property.  Yes, they torture.  They repress free speech and they . . . well, accuse them of anything you like, I probably agree.

The reason the Chinese should obey their government is because they do not deserve a better one.

Freedom is not something you can buy on the stock market.  Human rights are not a physical law discovered to exist in the fabric of the universe by some Nobel laureate scientist.  They are won through violence or achieved gradually through determined, incremental reforms.  If you want them, you’ve got to go get them.  If you have them, you have to fight to maintain them.  If you do nothing then you are are a slave, just like almost everyone else in history.

The Chinese people are slaves.  Not the rich men.  They are free and deserve their privileges.  Not the women.  Freedom is something won and lost by men, for their benefit and at their expense.  Women, as we shall see, are not the warriors but the spoils.

The Chinese men who farm in rural areas are slaves.  The workers in the cities are slaves.  Just like the slaves of ancient Rome, they live in an immensely powerful and increasingly wealthy state but enjoy few of the benefits.  Their prospects are not altogether hopeless but are painfully limited.  And that is as it should be.

You common men of China, who shall you marry and how shall you have a family?  There are more men than women.  And your women, what do they do?  They move to the city.  When they are students or factory workers they gleefully service crony capitalists and powerful Party officials in return for garish Louis Vuitton bags.  When they are older they may condescend to marry a man with a house and a good job.  Don’t have them?  Too bad.  And if you do, so what?  Your ‘wife’ was bedded by just how many better men before you?  Do you think your superiors are the slightest bit jealous that you managed to marry one of their many ex-girlfriends at the wrinkly tail end of their fertile period?

The situation is so dire that some men in some rural areas try to purchase a kidnapped wife.  Many other men waste away playing online games and humiliating themselves with pornography.  One day they will be dead and it will be as though they never were.  Their family will come to an end.  This is as it should be.

Freedom, women and success belong to strong men who fight for it, or whose ancestors fought for it.  It belongs to those brave enough to take the necessary risks.  It belongs to men who will cross oceans and mountains, learn new languages and cultures, endure hardship and social ostracism in order to escape tyranny.  For the rest there is only subjugation.

“The strong do what they can and the weak suffer as they must.”

To the common man of China: accept your overlords, your dishonor and your miserable, meaningless life.  The only alternative is to grasp your liberation.  This, you will never do.



  1. Xiahou Dun · September 25, 2017

    Its a problem with female hypergamy, it is common in any society. The solution is to seek a wife from Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam. The other solution is to go the salafist route, but that also is no guarantee.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 16, 2017

      Oh, don’t go Salafist. That’s just another form of slavery.
      I don’t know what you should do. All I can say is, I was born free and would risk death before enduring tyranny. Whatever you do, good luck with it.


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