The reason for the suppression of blasphemy

As we have seen, blasphemy is a truth that must not be uttered.

Why are some so keen to prevent people from speaking such truths?

It is because they fear what the truth, once it has escaped, might lead to.  This fear may located in either the fore or hind brain.

Bangladesh – atheist views must be suppressed or society will become too secular and liberal.  Women will be more independent, family formation will be harmed and the culture and population will decline and perhaps disappear altogether like in England.

The Spanish Inquisition – People hearing Protestant views may be convinced and the Roman Catholic Church would lose souls, money and power.

Racism – If it is established that some group differences are partly caused by genetic factors then people will exterminate those groups they consider incorrigibly inferior.  This is a scary-Left way of thinking – I happen to think I’m better than the Malay lady who didn’t know how to clean the public toilets properly, but it never occurred to me to kill her.  I just wanted to shake her and say, randomly spraying the room with water for ten minutes is not the same thing as cleaning.

The Greek Pantheon – I don’t know why Greeks weren’t allowed to publicly doubt the existence of the gods.  Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

Sex differences – this is an interesting one.  Men jump on sexism in order to white knight and perhaps (though probably not) score a sympathy root.  Women condemn sexism because they want men to smirk and be revoltingly sexist anyway and totally get away with it cos they’re just so hooooooot.

The Chinese Communist Party – Chinese people can’t publish criticism of them or the people will realize how shit they are and everyone will overthrow them.  By the way, this blog is blocked in China.  They are quite right to fear me and my seventeen followers.

There are other taboos that I could discuss but I will not because they are too taboo.  There’s one in particular.  I wonder if anyone will pick it.  I will neither confirm or deny it if you do.



  1. Baruch Kogan (@BaruchKogan) · September 19, 2017

    One reason that blasphemy would be suppressed might be that it’s true.
    Another reason might be that it’s seductive and false.
    Keep in mind, every decent lie is mostly true-otherwise, it would not have any legs.


  2. Adam · September 19, 2017

    the fags.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · October 16, 2017

      Obviously you mean how we’re required to celebrate them now, but you remind me of how homosexuality itself was once taboo. Perhaps this was because there was the fear that human behaviour is flexible and that people can do maladaptive things if not culturally controlled.


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