In Defense of the Chinese Communist Party


A Chinese Communist Party official enjoys the romantic attentions of his 18 year old lover.  The back story is here.

The Chinese Communist Party has the absolute right to rule China in any manner it wishes.

This post is not directed at Western meddlers.  It is for the Chinese subjects themselves, including the malcontent rascals in Hong Kong and the expat anti-patriots.  Most of all it is for any mainland Chinese man who dares to question, in his heart of hearts, the legitimacy of his overlords.

This is not an argument based on Read More

The reason for the suppression of blasphemy

As we have seen, blasphemy is a truth that must not be uttered.

Why are some so keen to prevent people from speaking such truths?

It is because they fear what the truth, once it has escaped, might lead to.  This fear may located in either the fore or hind brain.

Bangladesh – atheist views must be suppressed or society will become too Read More

Why penguins are stupid

If you think about it, penguins are adapted to be stupid.

Not completely stupid.  They need to do several tricky thinks.  They have to swim around and find food.  They need to socialize with other penguins.  They have to care for their young.

Penguins could never develop human-level intelligence without completely changing their form and habits.  Think about it.  Penguins have to sit on an egg in the freeing cold for ages.  Once it hatches they have to take turns to either sit on the chicks or go swimming in the icy water finding food for themselves, their mate and the kids.

Any penguin with a massive, intelligence-creating mutation would think, ‘eff that’.  He might Read More

The conceit of left and right

Consider the traditional political division between Left and Right.

What are the chances that one side is completely right about everything, and that the other side is completely wrong?  Any alien race being introduced to our polity for the first time would find this contention surprising.  After all, centuries of political history would have clearly shown that Read More