Into the Heart of Darkness

As mentioned earlier, I am going to disappear for a while.  I am moving to Darkest Africa, where limited internet bandwidth and poor smoke signal visibility will mean that I will be unable to access WordPress.

But it will not look like it!  Using the magic of scheduling, pre-written posts will appear automatically each Monday just as though everything is normal, even though savages will be tearing strips of flesh from my face at the very same time you are reading my scintillating anecdote about my awkward date with a Korean midget who I didn’t know was a midget until I met her in real life.

I will not be around to respond to comments.  Well I will eventually, once I’ve gotten out and put band-aids on each of my AK-47 wounds and hyena bites.  I’ll try to check in a few times a year.

Behave yourselves.



  1. Adam · August 4

    Africa eh? Good luck with dat shit.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 4

      I read your first book. Forewarned is forearmed. I will avoid making dodgy investments with Ugandan hit men.


  2. Eduardo the Magnificent · August 5

    I can only guess that your deepest desire is to be a god among retards.


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