The Toughest Cut

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I just finished a seven week cut.  The hairy keg reduced by 3.5cm.  I was not very fat so this was just a tidy up after a long build and then a period of relative inactivity.

You fellas done a cut before?  It is hard.  They did an experiment once, on US soldiers.  They fed them about 500 calories less than they needed each day.  Within a short space of time they took down their lady pinups and replaced them with pictures of food.  Cutting will do that to you.

I find the most challenging symptoms of calorie deficit not to be hunger or cravings, but rather fatigue and light-headedness.  It is very hard to get work done during a cut.  Lots of staring at a computer screen without result.  Going for a stroll then feeling dizzy and getting Elvis legs on the way home.  Even shopping is hard.  Standing in front of the pickle section for twenty minutes thinking, what am I doing here?  Oh yeah.  Pickles.  Which ones?  Ummmm . . . which what?  What am I doing here?  Fumbling change at the checkout like all my fingers have frostbite.  The girl says twenty dollars and I give her five and then she gives me that look like I’m a curry stain on her grandma’s second-best pair of trousers.  Yeah, cutting is rubbish.  And I lost too much muscle, too.  Da hoochimamas not complaining.  They actually prefer my little pot belly.  The play with it and say it’s cute.  I do not mold my god-like* physique for them.

Still, there are two ugly truths about fat that are worse than all that put together plus a dead puppy.  This is one red pill you might not want to take.  But you’re gunna, because having gone this far you now lack the willpower to look away.

First, the average American woman is a size 20.  That being so, the average is probably similar in other Western countries and also in Latin America, the Middle East (not that they count) and probably heading that way in some other regions.  Just let that sink in.  Let it sink in like . . . not, I’m not even going to this time.  You need your strength.

Second, it is almost impossible for fat people to lose weight.  I first suspected this when I was looking up published research on cutting – there didn’t seem to be an accepted method that scientists and doctors could agree on.  Apparently exercise doesn’t work because it makes you hungrier.  Diet doesn’t work because you can’t stay on it.  Doing both doesn’t work.

Actually, research indicates that all these interventions and others can work . . . for a while.  But obese people will usually put the weight back on within five years, almost definitely in ten.  The human body clearly does not like to lose weight and keep it off.

The only ray of light is that some people are exceptions to the rule.  The accompanying black hole of darkness is that they are very few indeed – around five percent.

The takeaway is (I’m so depressed I’m not even going to give you a ‘heh’), don’t get fat.  This is how I’m implementing that goal: I’m going to record a set of body measurements every week for the rest of my life.  If I get porky I will make adjustments as required.  I use a tape measure as increased weight might just be muscle, bone density, water or a massive turd waiting in the wings.

I’m nearing that age where Euroblokes tend to go to seed.  I know several old fellows who have not.  I will follow their lead – stay active, eat well and measure, measure, measure.


* Specifically, like Jesus.


Further reading:  HIIT on YouTube Good if you’re stuck in a hotel room in a dodgy city and need to get some exercise.

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  1. Anonymous · April 11, 2017

    Have you looked into intermittent fasting? I just started and so far I’m finding not eating at all for a setc period of time vastly easier than reducing calories. Check out PD Mangan’s free ebook. Good stuff.

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  2. luisman · April 11, 2017

    I found calorie deficit the easiest way to reduce weight (10lbs in 4 weeks recently). For me it’s paelo diet (meet and veggies) with one ‘sin’ day per week. The only other way is a severe diarrhea, which is quite unhealthy but easy to get with steetfood in Asia 😉 Building muscle is increasingly difficult with age, so if I weigh myself once a week and find myself 2lbs up, only one week of calorie deficit is enough to get back.

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    • This is now my strategy. I have had no need to cut since moving to the Third World because if I wait a month or two, I’ll get a bout of something nasty and all the fat and muscles disappear.


  3. Eduardo the Magnificent · April 11, 2017

    Eat better food. Animal fat and veggies. Stay away from bread and sugar. Nobody ever got fat eating carrots (but you can turn orange!)


  4. Nikolai Vladivostok · April 15, 2017

    General reply to all kind commenters above:
    I can’t fast. If I am really hungry I get angry. Trust me, I would lose my job and be imprisoned.
    I cut back on the carbs but still have some. I am physically incapable of exercising without any. Avoiding bread and milk helps.
    The research cited is about obese people – basically, they eventually fatten up again after they lose weight. Cutting a little belly is possible. Become obese would probably be permanent.


    • bucky · October 16, 2017

      Try intermittent fasting, man. It’s much easier than eating less the whole day. Or don’t, but it’s working wonders for me. I’m at least ten years older than you and seeing defined abs, energy levels shooting up, and no sign of slowing down in the bedroom. Check out Mangan’s site that I linked to above. Isn’t that what you’re aiming for as you leave your youth behind?


  5. melmoth · April 23, 2017

    “First, the average American woman is a size 20. That being so, the average is probably similar in other Western countries and also in Latin America.”

    I can’t agree with this, not even close. Is your point that American women as a group are more or less normal? That’s so inaccurate. Aussies and Brits might be halfway there but American female obesity is not some normal thing. Very far off the mark on that.

    I agree that obese people just seem stuck with it for life. I work with a few monstrously fat guys and they eat no more than I do as far as I can tell. They do the same job, move all day. They don’t lift but they are also a full 100 pound of pure fat heavier than me. It’s the HFCS. These people don’t eat five times more than normal people.


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