The First Casualty


North Korean anti-US posters

Some people gassed some other people instead of shooting or bombing or napalming them like any decent human being would, and therefore President Clintobushamatrump has fired a bunch of missiles.

Okay, maaaaybe the story is true.  Maaaaaabye it really was Assad this time and not a false flag or a conventional bombing of the rebel’s own chemical munitions or, whatever.  In a few years we may know the truth.

So let’s leave that right there and assume Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, that the US intelligence services have got it right, and that they are keeping the President well informed of the unfolding situation.

Instead, let us investigate something without any connection to the beginning of this article.  Let us go now, you and I, with the sarin spread out against the sky, and enjoy a little trip down memory lane.

The Second Gulf War

You already know about those weapons of mass destruction?  Okay, let’s go further back in time.

The First Gulf War

After Iraq invaded Kuwait, looting Iraqis entered at least one Kuwaiti hospital, took babies out of incubators and departed with said incubators, leaving the babies to die.  An eyewitness reported this to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus.  This increased public support for military action against the Iraqi occupation.

Turns out the witness was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and the event probably never happened.


Remember that nasty character Slobodan Milosevic who committed crimes against humanity in the former Yugoslavia, leading to NATO bombing?  The Hague cleared him.  It seems atrocities were committed in that conflict (on all sides) but were not ordered by Milosevic.

The Vietnam War

In 1964 there were two North Vietnamese attacks on US Navy vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin.  This aggression formed part of the legal and moral justification for open US involvement in the war.

The attacks never occurred.

The Second World War

In August 1939, there were several acts of Polish aggression against Germany and against ethnic Germans living in Poland.  Some Poles took over a German radio station and broadcast some sort of anti-German message.  They were soon overcome and all died in the attack.  There were also strikes on a communication station and a railway station.  After a long period of tension over territory and the treatment of ethnic Germans, this was the final straw and the Nazis invaded and occupied part of Poland (while the Soviets grabbed the rest).

The Polish attacks on Germany were faked.

The First World War

After Germany invaded Belgium (on their way to France), German soldiers raped and slaughtered Belgians, including children.  This caused outrage overseas.  It firmed up British public support for the war effort and helped to eventually get the US involved.

The crimes probably didn’t happen, or were greatly exaggerated.

And if you check that link, read on to learn how those dastardly Jerries reprocessed corpses of dead soldiers from the Western Front into lubricating oils and pig food.

Is there anything those [current enemies] will not sink to?


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent · April 8, 2017

    Let’s not forget Pearl Harbor and the Lusitania, both excuses to get the US into WWII and I, respectively, that were both false flags, as well as Fort Sumter kicking off the Civil War. Most people don’t want war; they need to be pushed.

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