Word From the Dark Side,10/20/16


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An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Project Veritas reveals hidden camera footage of Democratic Party trolls plotting to stoke violence at Trump rallies and voter registration fraud.  Sometimes disappears from YouTube or is hard to find, for some reason.  The journo also got banned from Twitter for some time.  Not jumping into the fray of this election (I’m not American) but I’ll happily sink a boot into a deserving arse should one be pointed in my direction.  I always assume that my readers will already have read the most notable links but a lot end up going through to CH and ROK, so I’ll include this one just in case.  Not much about it in the MSM.

In that jugular, a Trump campaign office is fire bombed.  And, the battle of the sexes in the election, state by state.

Even a Nigerian prince would invest in this.  Is it annoying when I link things without explaining what it is?  Okay, it’s a managed fund that invests in businesses run by women.  Happy now?  Did I save thirty seconds of your precious life that you would otherwise have spent reading to disabled children?  Yeah?  Now you owe me.

The unrequited love between Jews and Evangelical Christians.

Xplat is a drunken arsehole.  But at least he’s man enough to admit it.  Angry drunks confuse me – I’m a sleepy drunk.  Actually I’m pretty sleepy sober, too.  Even in my dreams I feel sleepy, which either makes sense or doesn’t, depending on how you look at it.  But you have caused me to digress.  Don’t do that again.

Closure is for poofs.

Pictures of skimpily clad Micah Yu, whoever that is.  Like you care.

Why women get tattooed.

The culture to materialism ratio.

Polynesia’s bloody roots.  Haw.

The Empty Subject roots a married woman while her husband films on iPad, is bored.

Delicious Tacos has blood coming out of his dick.  In some cultures that’s a sign of good luck.  Because it shows you have a dick.

An African lady suggests science should be banished from university and replaced with black magic.  Other students are scolded for laughing disrespectfully.  At this point, why don’t the remaining Rooineks shut up shop and join the rest of their tribe in Western Australia?  Real question.

Why Bob Dylan won a Nobel – makes sense if you know the criteria.

Bantu/Pygmy violence in the Congo sparked by caterpillar tax.

The darkest link.  Shall we make that a new tradition?

That’s it.


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