Word from the Dark Side, 9/14/16


Image from www.dramafever.com.

Right you lot, been busy but now I’m B.I.T.  Had to do a Dark Side because there’s all sorts going on out there to warm your little cockles.

Don’t live with gays.

Living life my way.

A discussion of legal and political possibilities arising if Clinton became incapacitated.

An alternative view of Duterte.

Delicious Tacos is looking for a girl who is a loser.  In the comments he gets an expression of interest from a teenager and he finally responds.

You’re probably sick of this but I can never get enough of it: real men like boisterous, opinionated women.  Fer shiz!  ‘Cos we’ve kept saying it for long enough now so it must have come true.

Make money by helping rich Chinese kids cheat.

Men are bad for the environment and should be composted to organically fertilize indigenous plants.

I don’t know if Bodi’s new pick up book is any good but his sales page made even blerrie old misery guts Niko have a good chuckle.

Rollo: Stalling for time.  Just read everything this guy puts out.

Is Kyle Trouble in love?  This reminds me of a post of his from two years ago . . .

Segregation Lite in Denmark.  This reminds me of a situation in an Australian language school: three quarters of the students were from Sudan and the other quarter from South Korea.  How did they arrange the classes?  One class about half-half, one all-Sudanese.  I wonder why.

The Jews of Asia.

Red pill comic book ideas wanted.

In women’s Australian Rules Football, ladies want money for playing a sport that makes no money.

Hot Japanese girl.

Are porn stars using fake dicks?

Remember Naughty Nomad?  He finally got sick of risking liberty, life and limb for entertaining blog posts and is seeking a new direction.  Don’t worry: his excellent database will presumably remain an essential resource for dirty men around the globe.

Male unemployment levels are as bad as in the Depression and NPR can’t figure out why.  Another take on it here.

The trouble with chasing hoochie mamas in Colorado.

How to be a bad boy: cultivate a devil may care attitude.

Timely: Never trust a bisexual.  Different reasons to mine, here.

How rich are you?  I’m in the top 5%.  So why do I still have to root mental women in their 30s?  Oh yeah, that’s right.

Marriage?  Children?  Just don’t do it.

Girls who try to be clever are annoying.

Even the pets live longer in Japan.

That’s it.


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  2. neocasanova · November 23, 2016

    what what


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