Seven Extreme Steps to Improve Your Sexual Market Value


In case you hadn’t noticed, the nature of our sexual marketplace has recently changed.  Gone are the days when any man with job and a lower jaw could marry his high school beau.  Today’s men are searching harder for love and lusty encounters, with poorer results.

There are various reasons for this: reduced social controls on sexuality, decreased female dependence on a male protector and breadwinner, and the obesity epidemic.

But not all men are doing it tough..  Some gentlemen are doing better than was previously considered imaginable for anyone other than a movie star.  This is because of the 80/20 rule: eighty percent of women are casually sleeping with twenty percent of men.  The top ten percent (i.e. men with a ranking of 9 or 10 out of 10) get more pussy than a spinster’s apartment.  The next ten percent have to pursue more than they are pursued but are rarely lonely on a Saturday night.  The men around the seven level are scraping the bottom of the sexual market barrel: chasing big-boned man-jaws and wrinkled carousel refugees or they are trapped in bitter, undersexed relationships with average looking women.  For those men ranked six and below?  They either pay for it or spend their time playing computer games and shooting up kindergartens.

My dastardly readers will already be well aware how a man can improve his sexual market ranking.  We need only list the major factors briefly for newcomers:

Learn game



Do cardio

Eat properly

Do cool things

Wear cool clothes

Give zero fucks

Stack cash

By working towards these goals, a man can raise his sexual market value two or three points on the ten point scale.  This give men much more flexibility in their ranking compared to women, with the exception of those women who achieve radical weight loss.

But there’s a problem.  Can you see what it is?  Yes, that’s right.  Men who are below average (by definition, half of the total male population) will have trouble pipping the magic score of eight even if they do everything right.  To make matters worse, women consider more than half of men to look ‘below average‘.

Here we hit the Trumpmauer of game and self-improvement.  It is the roadblock that few in the Manosphere dare discuss and is probably the wedge that separates MGTOWs and the rest of us.  What’s a low-ranking man to do?

The good news is, improvement over and above the standard three-point maximum is possible.  The bad news is, it’s difficult.  It may require extreme measures:


Moving to a new location can increase your SMV in several respects.  In a poor country, you are comparatively wealthy.  You will become more exotic wherever you go.  Relocation also opens up the possibility of richer pickings: a big city is a more target rich environment than a country town and some regions have much less obesity than others.  There may be places where your ethnicity is currently be flavor of the month.  A short, shy Dane may enjoy average stature and be considered relatively gregarious in Japan.  A boring Canadian accountant may find that he is Señor Excitement in rural Colombia.

This is an extreme measure for obvious reasons.  You would need to leave your friends, family, career and possibly house in order to move.  You might have to learn a new language and understand an alien culture.  The type of countries where foreigners are most popular tend to be those that are so messed up that their own inhabitants, who have messed it up, want to get out.  Think corruption, high crime rates and general filth.  And just because you relocate doesn’t guarantee you success: you might find you’re just as much of a loser in the back blocks of China as you were in Ohio because you failed to consider improving yourself first by more conventional means.  Your Ukrainian bride might do a runner upon arrival in the US because you’re still a dweeb.  However, when attempted alongside the other measures listed above, this is a strategy that works for some.

Become a criminal

Women love a bad boy, and there are none badder than those in prison.  Accounts of women who send love letters to murderers out of the blue are legion.

Now, the type of crime you commit is important.  Robbing banks is good.  Flashing is bad.  Also consider that it is difficult to consummate your relationship if your are currently imprisoned or have already been executed.  Also, having a criminal record will preclude you from most types of work upon your release so you need to be very committed to this path before you choose it.

A ‘lite’ version of this strategy might be to pretend to be a criminal but secretly keep your nose clean.  Here are some ways of doing it: ride a bad ass motorbike while wearing bad ass clothes (not actual gang colors because real bikies strenuously object to that), run a dodgy club that just breaks even or be mysteriously vague about your employment, disappearing for days or weeks at a time without explanation.  Keep your real job as an actuarial scientist or intensive care nurse a strict secret.  Never let your lovers find out that you volunteer to read books to children at the public library on weekends.

Get a cool job

Cool jobs include being a musician, DJ, movie producer, photographer or professional athlete.  I do not need to explain the effort required for this strategy.  Still, to our younger readers who are thinking about what to do with their lives: these careers will keep your bed warm for as long as you can do them.

I suppose you could fake it but that would be almost as much work as actually doing it.  There was a time when wealthy builders were popular in Japan.  Ordinary salarymen would buy a truck, don traditional work clothes and head down to the club to seduce women (or so I once read).  I don’t know whether this still works, or whether it ever did.

Become Famous

Yes, this is hard to fake.  Still, becoming famous in any field whatsoever will result in dividends.  Be aware that if you’re a renowned, Noble laureate particle physicist your fan club might consist exclusively of dorky science chicks with thick glasses.  Still, you’ll do much, much better with the ladies at international conferences than non-famous particle physicists.

Become Fabulously Wealthy

Again, there are no short cuts here and drawbacks abound.  Read The Great Gatsby for details.  I know a fellow of average means who donned an absurdly expensive suit and pretended to be a wealthy CEO when he went to nightclubs.  He seduced women, mostly brainless dancers who were looking for a sugar daddy, and took them back to expensive love hotels.  He would ghost soon afterwards.  Obviously this approach was no good for long term relationships and it cost him a bomb.  But still, if you’re desperate . . . or just get off on tricking gold digging whores . . . you know we don’t judge our comrades here at the Soviet.  You dirty loser.  Ah relax, I’ve made my moral standards pretty clear.  Knock yourself out and send me the pictures.

Start a Cult

Yippee, this is  a classic.  Women will throw themselves on a cult leader or any cult official who can bring them closer to the leader.  A word of advice: cults usually have a guru who actually believes his own shit and a manipulator who takes advantage of this mass hysteria from behind the scenes.  Be the latter.  Don’t be the former.


Plenty of women love drugs and will accompany you to your pad, and your bedroom, if you’re offering freebies.

The drawbacks are pretty clear.  Girls who will fuck for drugs are not the kind of partners who are likely to bring a positive gain to your life for more than a few debauched hours.  And drugs are bad.


Well, many low SMV men reading this article will have concluded, forget it, I’ll just stay at home and watch 3D porn until I shuffle off the mortal coil.  But don’t despair!  There might be moderate forms of these strategies that could just get you over the line to become a magic 8/10.  For example, if you’re a four: learning game and lifting might get you to a seven; a move to a nearby city might be enough to get you to eight.  You might also gain the extra point by adopting some bad boy traits, increasing your income, beginning an awesome new career or becoming well known in a local scene like live comedy or a weird religion.  Consider the methods outlined here as suggestions and consider how you might apply them to your own life in order improve the quality and quantity of women that you can attract.

Or you could fight to reinstate patriarchal monogamy.  But that’s hard, may take more than a generation to achieve, and your resentful wife will stop shagging you once she’s had enough kids anyway.

Also available on many other platforms.

Also available on many other platforms.

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