Word From the Dark Side, 8/4/16

An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Dalrock points out how researchers and society minimize the sacrifices of married men – their extra earnings = extra work, and the ‘benefits’ of marriage to divorced men = they have to keep working.

The New Modern Man explains why he quit relationships.

Pictures of a pretty Thai girl.

Modern slavery in America.

A crazy cat lady argues against sex segregation in sport.  I’m all for it.  I’m joining the Brazilian ladies volleyball team!  Oi Nikolai, they’ll yell, keep your eyes on the ball.  I shall reply, no.  But don’t worry, I identify as someone who is good at sport.

You gotta admit, this one is original.  Jim argues that spanking wives leads to higher birth rates.  I’m pretty open minded but some of the comments over there have my jaw on the floor.

Somehow that makes a nice segway into a recipe for meat in bread.  No, that is not a euphemism and yes, that’s how everyone spells segway now, Grandpa.

Xsplat hurts when interns and girls leave him.

Bloody Shovel has an interesting discussion about recent elections in Japan.

Adam Piggot explains why you should not try to change the world.

Why everything is men’s fault.

Sushi is racist.  That pendulum’s gotta be swinging back right about now.  You can feel it, just like exuberance in a bull market means it’s about to crash.

Red Pill Girl finds evidence of You Go Girl culture hidden on the headrest of a child seat.

On ROK: why NZ women are the worst in the world.

If you’re revolting enough to read my blog you’ll probably enjoy each Sunday’s The Week That Perished on TakiMag.  Yeah, you like that, don’t you?  Filthy little grot.

How to make six figures writing erotica.

How long should you wait for a girl?  Thirty minutes.  After that she is dead to you.  Don’t wait ten days then be hospitalized.  I will personally hold a pillow over your face if you do that, then pick up some giant thing that no one else can lift and throw it through the window and run off into the countryside, to freedom.

The Chinese activist who exposed the poison baby milk scandal is jailed for seven years.  To my Chinese readers, remember: you don’t deserve freedom.  Liberty is for more culturally advanced peoples like the Taiwanese and Japanese.  You would probably just do stupid stuff if you were free.  I mean, look at yourselves.  Humph.  Shut up and continue to obey the Chinese Communist Party.

To the Chinese Communist Party: contact me here.  I will do your bidding in return for cash and access to greedy Shanghai university students fresh in from the bush.  I have an enormous audience and Donald Trump is a fan.  I’m not sure if Hillary follows me; you’ll have to check her emails.

Not kidding about that, China.  I am for sale.

In Japan, a naked man causes damage to the interior of a taxi.  Yes, of course he has a good excuse.

Australian cartoon suggesting that parents may be partly responsible for Aboriginal kids getting into trouble is racist.

That’s it.


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