Word from the Dark Side, 7/4/16


An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

First, here’s a new link site with a whole lot of interesting content I’d never heard of before.

Why Single Dude Travel refuses to return to the US.  It’s an interesting and detailed account of the event that changed his life.

On Age of Shitlords, a story about a young South African man who sympathizes with the women who falsely accused him of rape.  There’s an entertaining back story about the feminist goings-on at Rhodes University.

On Honor and Daring, why are Jews so successful?

Again with the Jews: The Jewish Decline and the rise of China in the US.  I’ve never seen so many comments on Unz, and imagine how many got removed.

The Lone Wolf Traveller, who is an Asian man, wrote an enjoyable article titled 10 Different Types of Asian Women.  An oldie but I only just discovered it.

According to the New Century Man, children kill your freedom.  I have a post related to this coming soon.

How to train your forearms.

Quintus Curtius: the worst pistol of WWII.

West Hunter: Communist economics

Five victories for the Patriarchy so far in 2016.

K-hole in the central valley is love sick.  A new blog that shows promise.

A story about the Caribbean women who have a rich white partner and a cool local boyfriend on the side.  The whitefella unwittingly subsidizes them both.  I’ve heard similar stories in South East Asia.  Also from Furioso, we need more women in dangerous jobs.  And, is marriage just legalized prostitution?

Would you rather work 16 hour days at McDonalds, seven days a week, for the rest of your life . . . or die painlessly right now?  Slate Star Codex polls the big issues.

At the Chateau: this is what a woman’s body language looks like when she’s pretending to love you and would happily let you die.  Also, swagger or brood but don’t look happy.

Delicious Tacos has been seeing some women recently.

Our modern state of sterile promiscuity.

IMGrody asks, is patriotism bullshit?

Adam Piggot of Pushing Rubber Downhill now has a podcast.

The Empty Subject (fella with the bionic cock) has choices to make.

BodiPUA wonders how much of a fuck he still gives.  He writes more thoughtful stuff than you might think.

Meanwhile in Japan, a drunk JAL copilot is arrested for hitting a policeman.  It’s not the first time he’s been in trouble.  And their tickets are bloody expensive, too.  A police officer in, yup, Kanagawa is arrested for filming up a 17 year old girl’s skirt.  They’re known to local foreigners as the ‘Kanagawa Keystones’.  And a 69 year old woman is arrested for trying to put a sewing needle into bread at a shopping centre.

And see my blog’s latest here.

STOP PRESS!  I found a site called Beautiful Jewish Women.  Yowzah.  Be sure to check out the page on Israeli military ladies.

That’s it.


Further reading: the previous Word from the Dark Side.

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