What’s Next in the War on You

A description of SJW problems and their implemented, planned and anticipated responses.

The problem: Men are escaping Western countries.  They are improving their financial status, sexual market value and their lifestyles by living where the grass is greener.  This is starving The Beast of fodder for women and their children through beta husbands, child support/alimony, or wealth redistributed through taxation.

The response: Men will be taxed even when they live abroad (the US already taxes its citizens if they earn more than about $95,000 a year).  If they try to change their citizenship their savings will be confiscated (they already lose access to pensions in many countries if they live abroad, even if they have contributed over the years and are still citizens.)  A new, massive tax will be imposed on the capital gains of men whose investments are registered in the home country but who chose to live in a foreign country, especially a third world one.  It will be called the Dirty Old Man Tax.

There will be checks on citizens leaving – those with child support debts, accusations (not convictions) of domestic violence, apprehended violence orders or children living in the home country will be prevented from leaving.  Foreign countries will be pressured to refuse visas to men who have ever expressed problematic views or who have read them (that’s what you’re doing right now.  Too late).

Status: Planning and trial implementation stage.

The problem: Not enough men are marrying.  Old women are left either childless or, increasingly, without fathers for their illegitimate children.  They need money.

The response: Working people i.e. men will be taxed at a higher rate in order to forcibly redistribute their wealth to women and their children.  See above for men who try to escape the country.

Status:  Implementation largely complete.

The problem: Men are responding to market signals by working less and earning less.  This has reduced revenue to redistribute to women and their children.

The response:  Force divorced men to work as much as they did at the point of their previously high income (‘imputed income’).  Implement a ‘bachelor tax’ in disguise by offering greater ‘family’ tax benefits to single mothers.  Import high skilled migrants who are still willing to take on challenging employment.  Shame men who work less than they should.

Status: Implementation largely complete.  Some countries are still importing low skilled migrants rather than high skilled ones.  This could cause the whole inverted pyramid to come crashing down like a sack of shit.

The problem:  The progressive agenda requires a constantly renewed list of oppressed groups who can be liberated, and it requires increasingly ambitious levels of liberation.  Without such groups the Left will turn on its own, like black ladies screaming at Bernie or gays deciding white male cis poofs shouldn’t be in their organizations.  Oh, I’ve got another one: feminist Germaine Greer getting banned from talking at universities for saying blokes in frocks are not real women.

The response:  First, extend existing battles to new fronts.  Gay stuff: legalization < social acceptance < marriage < adoption < elementary school indoctrination  < ???   Tranny stuff: social acceptance < subsidized gender reassignment surgery < reassignment surgery for children < can enter any changing room regardless of current appearance < prohibition of gendered pronouns in official communication < prohibition of gendered pronouns in any communication < ???   Black stuff: the right to vote and enter any business < equal participation in higher education and employment < black people allowed to resist arrest < ???

The second part of the response is to find new groups to liberate, hence the recent focus on trannies and Muslims.  Who next?  Those who want to engage in group marriages.  Next, those fond of bestiality (examine the atmosphere of this article and its comments – oh, what a fuss about nothing, they seem to be saying).  And then?  The right of women to abandon their children at any time, for any reason.  Next, pedos.

For what comes after that, just keep an eye on The Guardian.  I don’t think they’ve decided yet.

Status: Implementation occurring in infinite stages.

The problem: Old, fat, ugly women don’t enjoy the romantic attentions of the cutest guys.  The sexy or wealthy bad boys instead go for younger, hotter, fitter birds.

The response: Prohibition of prostitution.  Fat positive propaganda.  Social shaming of men who date much younger women or who reject the advances of large and in charge behemoths.  Strict laws limiting men’s ability to marry nubile foreign brides.  Ban sex robots.  An increased age of consent, perhaps disallowing people from having sexual relations with an adult more than ten years their junior (obviously not enforced for older women with toy boys).  Social acceptance of harems and slutdom as low quality women are happy to share access to a high quality man.

Status: 80% implemented.

The problem: The responses described fail to adequately control men living in non-Western countries.

The response: Incorporate SJW agenda into foreign policy.  Pressure African countries to respect gay rights.  Require third world countries to sign up to SJW agenda in order to gain debt relief and foreign aid.  Launch sanctions on nations that do not permit gay marriage.  Permit drone strikes against enemies of human rights, i.e. social conservatives who speak against gay marriage or tranny access to girls’ toilets.

Status: Initial steps implemented.

The problem: Freedom of speech and internet communication.  The entirety of the agenda described is endangered by men talking to one another freely over the internet.

The response: Closely monitor internet usage.  Compile megadata.  Introduce hate speech laws.  The US Supreme Court, once adequately stacked, will find that hate speech is like yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.  Extend hate speech laws to include any writing that argues against SJW agenda.  Prohibit software that allows private or anonymous communication.  Use smartphones to monitor all photographs, locations and meatspace conversations.

Status: Partially implemented.

Does any of this matter?

The SJWs will need to work fast.  Soon, pretty much everything important today will be irrelevant.  Demographics mean that SJW societies are facing extinction, to be replaced by their beloved, repressed groups.  In the case that civilization survives long enough, robotics, AI and VR are rapidly developing and may soon replace us economically, politically and, ahem, sexually.  Genetics and transhuman technology will transform any meatmen still around.

We live in interesting times.

Further reading:  How the world will really end


  1. caprizchka · June 13, 2016

    I find “Group Marriage” to be highly workable except when it is female-dominated. It isn’t easy to make that distinction from surface observation however. I have found an awful lot of “manly men” to be entirely under the thumb of their women, even when there is more than one of them. For some reason I attract this sort of man, I think they’re hoping that I’ll rescue them from the coven they have managed to create for themselves. How am I supposed to rescue such a man? Certainly not by having sex with him. At the same time, if I try to raise his consciousness or otherwise bring to light what is happening to him, then I become one of those “castrating bitches” or a “prick tease”. Knowledge for its own sake does not unfortunately solve intractable problems. It is the problem with conspiratorialism–not that I the pot can call the kettle “Black”, LOL.

    On another front, there are live young women who have been electromagnetically-lobotomized now serving as wives of Atheistic longevity vampires, and otherwise behaving very much like robots. On one hand, it isn’t as if I personally have any power to change this situation. On the other hand, some of these women are probably better off without the voices in their head that they used to have. On the third hand (LOL), denying reality in one’s face is the height of insanity. It’s institutional gaslighting. That said, I’d probably jump at the chance to become one albeit there’s not a whole lot of demand for such at my age. 😀

    For what it’s worth, I think that traditional housewives who are not feeding off the public trough, nor are they wealthy robot-wives, are also being victimized in the First World, with impunity. White Knights get rewards from their female handlers for hurting these female “turncoats”! As for other women, they see these women as the ultimate threat, notwithstanding lip-service against “The Patriarchy”.


    • Nikolai Vladivostok · June 28, 2016

      Most current ‘group marriages’ are among hideously ugly people. Proper ones, where a powerful, older patriarch has multiple wives, emerge from, and lead to, primitive, tribal societies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • caprizchka · June 28, 2016

        Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s it was a different story. The ones I knew and liked were decidedly patriarchal, with a line of command of the men. Very tribal. I hear rumors of such still in existence however I think it’s probably wise not to clue in a lightning rod such as myself into verification. Gay “families” are a little more “out”. To be straight and patriarchal invites all sorts of government scrutiny. Best to keep that under wraps today.


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