Word from the Dark Side, 6/4/16


An increasingly irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Matt Forney gives us three reasons why we shouldn’t date older women.  Caprizchka grudgingly agrees.  My two bob: hot older Japanese woman > hot older non-Japanese woman > non-hot younger woman.  Here ‘greater than’ does not mean ‘larger than’.  Eww.  Of course, young and hot trumps them all.  And, any port in a storm.

Matt Forney also gets assaulted by a fat chick.  Surprised he’s pressing charges as he did make a rude comment – don’t know if it’s illegal in that jurisdiction.  Anyway, good luck.

On Taki: why are blacks and Asians so mean to each other?

On the New Modern Man: an infographic about the divorce-industrial complex.  Many, many clear examples of media lies and five things he learned working in the MSM.  Why are there no aliens, and what dismal message does that provide about the future of humanity?  Swedish feminists are worried that there’s now a male majority due to improved health and the hordes of ‘reffos’.  And I won comment of the week.  While drunk, I humbly add.  Finally, a hot black chick.

On Stares at the World, how freedom of speech will die.

On Psychological Comments, some characteristics of eminent people.

Single Dude Travel shares a disturbing story indicating why you should avoid other expats when living overseas.

West Hunter: Saudis are too stupid to modernize.

In education, Slate Star Codex examines the evidence about how much difference teachers make.  Education Realist considers Value-Added measures of teaching quality.

Bodi is not full of praise for Colombians and their country.  Very entertaining and familiar to anyone who has enjoyed the slack-jawed insolence of the Third World.

Bloody Shovel discusses historic virtue signalling from China with The Bow of the King of Chu.  Worthy comments follow.

Delicious Tacos: Fuck the Future, Burn Your Money.

Adam Piggott shows why Africa never gets better.

Duterte Harry and the real history of the Philippines, on Unz.  Quite interesting and presents a view significantly different and more nuanced that that of the Western media.

On Captain Capitalism: I had to put up with a lot of shit in high school, but at least I didn’t have to put up with this.  Forced anti-white propaganda.  Can’t we all just get along?

Meanwhile in Japan, a junior high school boy shuts down 144 school websites to ‘remind teachers they are incompetent‘.

That’s it.


Further reading:  There’s a long list of fascinating links up at Slate Star Codex.

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