Sexual Arbitrage


Arbitrage means profiting from price differences in two different markets.  A super simple example: bonds in Vladivostok Fish (VVF) are selling slightly cheaper on the Nikkei than they are on the Dow Jones.  A canny trader buys them in the former market, sells in the latter, and spends his tidy profit boasting of his exploits to an opulent hotel room full of multicultural call girls.  Don’t get excited; such low hanging fruit is long since gone and today cutting-edge algorithms race to detect minute, intensely complex market imbalances to exploit.

Similar, simpler phenomena are observable in the sexual marketplace.

Example 1:  A fat, balding Canadian of middle income moves to Colombia.  His relative market status is enhanced.  He replaces his fat, short haired and grumpy thirty-something year old options in Toronto for lithe, sweet, twenty-something options.  This is a win for our hero just so long as he can stand the heat, filth and crime.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Example 2:  A fat, wealthy, aging English woman takes a holiday in Kenya (various warnings to that link).  Her fat, white, balding and somewhat penniless options in her homeland are replaced by buff, young and quite penniless black men.  Again, you can see the downsides for yourself.  Especially regarding her unfortunate English partner’s health once she gets home.

This arbitrage does not always depend upon differences in wealth.  White men are highly regarded in some non-white countries even if they have no money.  White women are highly prized everywhere in the rare cases where they are not fat.  Them foreigners don’t hate white people nearly so much as we hate ourselves.

There are other, niche forms of sexual arbitrage.  Short Danes are closer to average height if they move to Japan.  Fat white women are considered more attractive in chubby-chasing west Africa.  Non-white Americans who have trouble picking up white women in their homeland may have more success in eastern Europe.  For an average-looking Asian girl who’s fond of white meat, any region of a Western country that is not already saturated in Asian immigrants will be to her like Willy Wonka’s chocolate garden is to a child.

The attitude of the scorned sex in any such situation tends to be revulsion.  Ewww, those white chicks getting AIDS in Africa!  Blehhh, those American losers acting like they’re kings in Thailand!  Often the very same people expressing disgust are those who wouldn’t touch their escaped, low sexual market value peers even if encouraged at gunpoint.  What do they care?

An interesting case is the couple who travel to a country where one experiences a sharp spike in popularity and the other suffers a corresponding slump.  I’ve seen such couples on holiday in Asia.  I have frequently observed a tall, well built but otherwise quite average whitefella hand in hand with something that looks like an angry, partially shaven bulldog that wants to scoot around on its bum but can’t.  They canoodle and wonder why all the locals are staring at them.  Ha, they’ve never seen foreigners before, the visitors foolishly conclude.

I’ve seen couples live together like this for years in Asia.  Sometimes they break up.  Usually they don’t.  Why not?  LOVE, my reader screams at his smart phone.  It’s love, you reptilian little twerp.  Something you would never understand.

Well maybe you’re right, dear reader.  I’ll let you have your minor victory in this skirmish of the soul.  Go and give that porcine partner you adore so much a footrub with your face and see if you get a grudging birthday handjob in return.

If that’s love, I’ll continue to wallow in my shallow, muddy puddle of amoral delight.


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  1. Westray · July 24, 2016

    The most depressed man I’ve ever seen was an American guy on the beach in Rio with his ‘college sweetheart’ (I’m guessing there) who had thrown on a cool buck 20 since college. She sat on the beach and it made a tepee of fat with a head on top. They had two fat kids too, so the guy must have made some scratch. Thonged teen Brazilian girls were bobbling and jiggling all around him. The look on this guy’s face was so distant and so tragic.

    I can’t say that a man shouldn’t marry, but I would say that a man shouldn’t marry until he has a full understanding of ‘sexual arbitrage’. 12 hours is not a long time at all. That’s just a night of sleep and a lazy morning watching NFL gameday or something while eating bacon. In that same 12 hours you can get yourself to places where 18 year old penthouse model caliber women are available to you for less than your monthly cable bill. A man should not get married until he is aware of that fact.


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