What happened the last time global temperatures rose by 8 degrees Celsius?


Look at the map of the Eocene world above.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Europe separated from Asia by a sea boundary.  Australia blissfully isolated.  Antarctica is looking lush.  South Americans will make their own jokes about the gulf in the north west of their continent; I’m unfamiliar with their rivalries.  The Muslim world is almost entirely submerged.  No sea appears between Mexico and the US, however.  You can’t have everything.

Anyway, world leaders have pledged to prevent average global temperatures rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius.  What would happen if temperatures went higher than this?

The last time we had a really hot spell was during Read More

Five Myths About Love

First published on Return of Kings:

Romantic love is one of the most intense experiences you are ever likely to experience. But as with anything related to feelings, it has become exalted to moral and almost religious status in our over-feminized society.

A man should be aware of the power of love. He should not allow himself to be overpowered by it, losing all his mental faculties and common sense. Of all self improvement efforts, this can be the most difficult. Resistance training can be built up gradually over time, but love can hit like an unexpected freight train, knocking a fellow off his feet and leaving him floundering helplessly like a newborn baby. Young, inexperienced men seem most vulnerable to Cupid’s bow, but older gents are not immune to his spell, especially if the man is accomplished enough to win the attentions of a much younger woman. Understanding love may help a man to embrace its power without losing his direction.

Here are myths about love that you must recognize if you are to keep your head:

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Sexual Arbitrage


Arbitrage means profiting from price differences in two different markets.  A super simple example: bonds in Vladivostok Fish (VVF) are selling slightly cheaper on the Nikkei than they are on the Dow Jones.  A canny trader buys them in the former market, sells in the latter, and spends his tidy profit boasting of his exploits to an opulent hotel room full of multicultural call girls.  Don’t get excited; such low hanging fruit is long since gone and today cutting-edge algorithms race to detect minute, intensely complex market imbalances to exploit.

Similar, simpler phenomena are observable in the sexual marketplace.

Example 1:  A fat, balding Canadian of middle income moves to Read More

The Word from the Dark Side 5/12/16


Spandrell features a Japanese graphical breakdown of the new sexual market.  I lived there for years and it is true: a few cool guys root all the girls and the other fellas sit at home playing anime schoolgirl rape games.  This is not an exaggeration.  It seems to be true everywhere – young women just accept that the guys they see are not exclusive.  That’s where we’re at, and it changed in only 10-15 years.  Spandrell also has a nice joke about Chinese immigration to Germany.

Fred Reed ponders if African Americans are pushing for resegregation.

An interesting post from EvolutionistX about how popular culture reflects our desire for individual power in an age of coddled helplessness.

From the Chateau: Civilization is monogamous.  Even I admit this and I’m a cheerful barbarian.

The shit is about to hit the fan: There is a new method for evaluating human evolution in the last few thousand years.  Duck and cover!  Especially your ears.

Nauru is a more interesting island than you think.

Here at the People’s Blog: Finally, a sexual fetish you haven’t heard of before.


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By Jupiter


Don’t you feel sorry for the poor fellows suffering from impractical fetishes?  No?  Well, you’re an unfeeling bastard.  Or maybe you just haven’t really thought it through.

Consider the unfortunate case of the middle-aged gentleman we shall can Juno.  His is a very strange attraction.  Not illegal.  Immoral?  Hard to say.  Just painfully, hopelessly obscure.

Like most fetishes, it presumably went back to some experience during his very early, formative years.  Perhaps his parents put a Solar System mobile above his cot.  They wanted to educate him, you see.  No SpongeBob SquarePants or blue plastic ducks for this little fellow.  Juno would have the jump on his intellectually deprived peers before he could even burp.

He looked up at the gently spinning planets in his brief moments of wakefulness.  He sometimes fretted at this time.  By pure chance he experienced a chaffing that caused his first experience of arousal.  He was looking up at a large, purple planet at the same time.  For this stupid reason a deep, inerasable neural pathway was established.  It lay dormant for years, occasionally surfacing in the form of a childhood obsession with space exploration and science fiction.  Finally, in the confusion and tumult of his teenage years, Juno admitted to himself that he had a strange sexual fetish, and that nothing else would satisfy him.

Juno wanted to fuck Jupiter. Read More

Heart of Darkness


I’m dating a girl.  She’s twenty-five.

I asked her as a joke how many times she’s been married.  She said, ‘Married?  That’s something I’ll think about when I’m, like, thirty.’

I said nothing.

I could have said a lot.

Being well into my thirties myself, I’ve dated many women who have passed the dreaded three-oh.  Pretty much all of them had the same plan.  In their twenties they would travel the world, find themselves, spend all their money and have amazing experiences like Read More