A Heartwarming Story to Revive Your Faith in Humanity!

Yes, it’s not a typical headline over here at the People’s Blog, but the time has come to cast away my amoral mask and to acknowledge the bottomless oceans of compassion and love that are bursting to escape the prison of my heart and squirt all over your upturned faces.

It’s this tear-jerking news article from Melbourne, Australia.

A rather rough looking fellow named Hassan Abdul-Rahim took umbrage at being asked to move his Merc to another window at a McDonald’s drive through.  Disappointed and upset, he spat a monstrous amount of phlegm in the cashier’s face, managing to get some in her mouth.

The chap handed himself in when his brutish image appeared on every TV station and news site, protesting to police that it had been an accident and that he had just needed to clear his throat.  It turns out that he was an unlicensed driver with a previous conviction for fraud.

Oh, what’s the heartwarming bit?  Have faith, my dears.  Your parents, your school and your country may have let you down but I will not.  The adorable-as-cotton-socks aspect of the story is in the very last line of the article.  It is so sweet that you should loosen your blouse a bit; your heart is about to grow three sizes in one day.

Here it is:

A young woman in court with Abdul-Rahim began sobbing as he was led into custody.

Dear Comrades, goodnight and Godbless.
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