The Word from the Dark Side, 4/9/16


A regular collection of problematic opinion.

How not to be the creep that girls don’t like – science weighs in.

Ladies love dark triad bad boys – the musical.

Why Adam Piggott doesn’t give to charity.

Delicious Tacos decides to skip his Tinder date and visit a whore instead.  He also battles fleas who bite his legs and leave retarded comments on his blog.

Will the secret ballot go the way of the dodo?

Captain Capitalism links to a must-read article by an angry feminist.  Yeah, I’m gunna make you go through him rather than directly.

A  US veteran of Afghanistan gives talks in schools to dissuade high school kids from joining the armed services.

The return of eugenics?

How to tell if a girl is a slut.

From the now unemployed Empty Subject Blog: I’ll take another second chance, please and stages on life’s way.

The scientist vs the SPLC.

One of the cleverest prison breaks in history.

The bad luck of the gardener Sinerus.

An account of an anti-Trump Polish girl who has never worked.

Man Without Father sees a crazy, screaming woman and is reminded of himself.

I am dreaming of glory.

Oh, this is gold.  Twenty thousand lesbians party in Palm Springs!  Hey fellas, would you like to see some footage and photos of the event?  Really?  Er . . . those stereotypes about lesbians are, on the whole, depressingly confirmed.  Stick to lesbian porn and enjoy the fact that the conventionally attractive (i.e. attractive) actresses are being revolted by the ordeal.

Mexican police officers complain that they are being inspected by male superiors for ‘attractiveness’.  Oh Mexico.  You’re so lucky I’m not running your constabulary.  I’d have the ladies totally naked apart from the cute hat and gunning down bad guys with lasers that shoot out of their nipples.

Meanwhile in Japan, a 25 year old man and his 48 year old mother are arrested for kidnapping a 13 year old girl.  And a 30 year old man hits a 72 year old man for using his smartphone while walking.  No, I did not accidentally reverse those ages.

That’s it.


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