Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 4/1/16

Illimitable Men publishes a long list of maxims that men need to know.

EvolutionistX writes about historical and contemporary human sacrifice in animist religions.  Also, the end of programming in America.

Sovereign Man writing about helping a desperate family member – there’s a sting in the tail.

Quintus Curtius writes about the ‘side-principal rule’ and unrestricted warfare in Chinese military doctrine.

Can you guess which US presidential candidate these people support just from their faces?  Have a go.

On Psychological Comments, what intelligence researchers think about heritability – survey results.

Delicious Tacos asks, will the weekend be wasted.  He contemplates the unpleasant notions of killing a dog and protected sex.

The modern man should not have a serious girlfriend.

The Empty Subject ponders his next move now that’s he’s quit his job and has a new dick.

The collusion of the idle rich and the idle poor.

Education Realist: is the SAT corrupt?

That’s it.


Further reading:  Last week’s Word from the Dark Side and The Underclass and You



  1. EvolutionistX · April 2, 2016

    Of course the SAT is corrupt.
    Thanks for the links 🙂


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