Quiet Word from the Dark Side,3/25/16

This might be a short one because I’m on the road enjoying an adventure.  Resting up today to recover from all the hypothermia and AIDS.  Don’t want to get that again.

Speaking of which, David Cole blames gays for not quickly addressing the AIDS epidemic when it would have made a difference, in the 1980s.  Okay, partly blames some gay activists who claimed it was a hoax.  I’ve been getting in trouble for some of my click-bait headings.

EvolutionistX posits that Emma Watson only has a job because of Patriachy and objectification – i.e. because dirty old men want to fuck her.  This is a bit click-baity on my part, too – EvolutionistX is not so simplistic and crude as I am.  Also: Megalithic burials are so weird.

The global changes than mean America can not be great again.

I liked this: a chat with Vern the Vietnam Vet.

Damn this is interesting.  Slate Star Codex shows that the great event of our period of history – China’s rise from poverty – hasn’t made its citizens happier.  He then looks at other stats on wealth and happiness.  Seems Latin Americans are always cheerful and Eastern European are always miserable, regardless of the economy.  A good discussion follows in the comments.

Kill To Party examines the evolution of equality doctrine in popular culture, including some retro wrestling references.

Heartiste looks at which slurs hurt the most.  Purely for educational purposes.  Also, you know those virtual girlfriends/boyfriends that are big in Japan?  Guess which ones are the most popular with the ladies?  Yup, dark triad bullies.  I’m getting so exhausted being a psychopath for sex.  I wish I could just take a day off, help an old lady across the road, give my girl a cuddle and say, ‘Awww, you’re such a little cutie.  I’m so lucky to have you.’  But I can’t.  Finally, a beta male wonders why other men won’t marry his spinster friends.  Fur allergies?

Adam Piggot on terrorism fatigue.  Features footage of cheering Palestinians after 9/11 – remember that?  In another post, about how a man should just get on with it, he provides photos of Neil Armstrong ejecting from a test lunar module that appeared to meet a fiery fate.  

On Unz: is ISIS faithful to Islam?

On Luisman Blog, a detailed discussion of the sexual/evolutionary aspects of the German immigration crisis.

The Empty Subject Blog mourns that the girl who gives him a blowjob does so in a perfunctory way.

Oh God, this guy again.  Musing on the life and times of a Cambodian bar girl.

Red Pill Girl warns her sisters not to ride the cock carousel.  Hope they don’t listen otherwise I’m in for a dull weekend.  I’m not too concerned.

I like this radio show from Australia.  The host happily describes himself as an ‘aging leftie’ but he has a brain and the stories are often interesting.  Here’s a description of a neurologist who tried to hack his own brain.

That’s it.


Further reading:  Last week’s Word from the Dark Side


  1. EvolutionistX · March 27, 2016

    Oh, man, I’m not sure I actually am less click-baity than that.
    Thanks for the links!


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