Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 3/18/16


What happens when Hispanics are racist to blacks?

Do animals go to heaven?  Spiritual beliefs related to animals across time and place.

The four sirens of the sexual apocalypse: reprise with scientific evidence.

Delicious Tacos loses his cat under tragic circumstances.  I try to maintain my psychopathic persona on this site but his story made me really sad.

Human germline engineering: the game changer.

The heckler’s veto: from Trump to historical precedents.

The Empty Subject is doing it tough. I know how he feels.

Nature vs Nurture: the latter is hard to pin down.  Here is a good discussion of the non-shared environment.

The pros and cons of illegal immigration.

Are capital controls in the works for the US?  This is a commercial website but has some interesting articles.

If we could pay to gain extra voting power, would there be any takers?  If there would be few, what does that show?

The true story of a carousel-riding military wife.  Donovan Sharpe is becoming one of ROK’s best writers.  Not hard when you consider his competition.

How feminism dried up the ovaries of Lena Dunham.  Warning: contains photos of person mentioned.

Swedish women want free tampons and suchlike.

‘Peeping Tom’ police officer questioned after sneaking into house, watching woman bathe.  Yes, Japan.  Also a nice photo from a department store – what the men do while the poor bastards wait.


Further reading:  Last week’s Word from the Dark Side

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