Contributory Democracy


The current democratic system (one person, one vote) is unfair.  It assumes that everyone contributes equally to society and that everyone is equally invested in long-term outcomes.

I offer the following framework as an alternative which is neither fascistic nor communist.  I hope that a small, courageous and geopolitically unimportant country (New Zealand?) will trial it for the rest of us.  No need to pay me – just call it Vladocracy in my honour.

People shall be allocated voting power according to the following scale.  Persons belonging to more than one category shall be entitled to the votes of each.

1 vote (baseline): Every citizen over 18.  Everyone has to obey the laws created by the government so everyone should have some say in what those laws are.

1-3 votes:  Every person who is a net taxpayer, with the higher numbers of votes going to those whose contributions are greatest.  This category will include far fewer people than you think, and you might not even be in it.  The tax brackets will be linked to CPI.  People who pay for the operations of the state should have more say in how that money is spent.  The formula ensures that if they use their votes to get more middle-class welfare or tax breaks then their voting power will decline accordingly.  Public sector employees shall not be eligible for extra votes under this category.

1 vote:  Combat veterans and those who have been awarded defined bravery medals.  People who have placed themselves in danger for the benefit of their society ought to have more say within it.

1 vote for each child under 18.  The vote for the first child goes to the father and alternates between the parents for each subsequent child.  The vote transfers to the child when they come of age.  Those people who go to the trouble and expense of raising children are contributing to the future wellbeing of society.  They can use their vote to better ensure a positive future for their offspring.  Unmarried, divorced, abusive and absent parents are ineligible for this vote.

No vote: A person shall be disallowed from voting, regardless of all aforementioned categories, if he has a serious criminal conviction or is currently receiving any welfare or benefit (not including public healthcare or education).  People who are not currently contributing to society, or who have broken its laws, should not have a say in its operation.  People who move off welfare shall regain entitlement to their vote(s).  Onwards and upwards!  Public health and education are exempt because, well, they’re my last remaining left wing attachments and I treasure them as souvenirs, like a Giza Pyramid snow dome or the condom I kept hopefully in my wallet throughout high school.  Going to tease me?  No vote for you!

Anyway, according to this framework, I would have . . . hmm, let me count . . . hang on . . . one vote.  I hope that my social superiors will use their increased political power wisely in order to strengthen the flagging West.

Go on, New Zealand.  Give it a go!  It’s not like you had anything else to do this weekend.


Further reading:  Denunciation


  1. Anonymous · March 16, 2016

    Haha – reminds me of Mark Twain’s meritocracy proposal


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