Quiet Word From the Dark Side, 3/10/16

Hello, lovelies.

Bertrand Russell is the only one who correctly predicted the future.  The old dirtbag read my mind before I was born.

Delicious Tacos goes to see Emma Sulkowicz.  And, Cry All You Want.

Against Interminable Arguments.

The URL cats.com is for sale.

Another view of the replication crisis.

Look before you leap in North Korea.

Cat ladies and childlessness are pushing America off a cliff.

From The Empty Subject: The Scapegoat and Do What You Love .

Trump supporters are like naughty children who delight in tormenting the lecturing teacher.

German bank that nearly failed now being paid to borrow money.

The thirteenth juror.

Fukushima ‘decontamination troops’ often exploited, shunned.

Is some Japanese rape porn actually rape?

School apologises for admin error that led to student suicide.

That’s it.


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