My First Tinder Date


I’d met many, many girls online but this was my first, daring trial of Tinder debauchery.  Swiping an image without considering any other qualities, meeting at short notice and, if all goes well, freely exchanging bodily fluids – why hadn’t I tried it years ago?

I got many matches but they usually failed to message back, probably because they were just after attention and weren’t serious to start with.  Isabella was different.  She replied immediately and in a few minutes we’d Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side,3/25/16

This might be a short one because I’m on the road enjoying an adventure.  Resting up today to recover from all the hypothermia and AIDS.  Don’t want to get that again.

Speaking of which, David Cole blames gays for not quickly addressing the AIDS epidemic when it would have made a difference, in the 1980s.  Okay, partly blames some gay activists who claimed it was a hoax.  I’ve been getting in trouble for some of my click-bait headings.

EvolutionistX posits that Emma Watson only has a job because of Patriachy and objectification – i.e. because dirty old men want to fuck her.  This is a bit click-baity on my part, too – EvolutionistX is not so simplistic and crude as I am.  Also: Megalithic burials are so weird.

The global changes than mean America can not be great again.

I liked this: a chat with Vern the Vietnam Vet.

Damn this is interesting.  Slate Star Codex shows that Read More

Candy Crush


Is Wendy beautiful?  I cannot say.  She wears a tiny orange singlet that covers part of her slim torso and a matching skirt that covers little more.  Comic book eyelashes, long coloured nails and a cosmetic disguise.  She sits at the bar of the dismal Boomerang playing Candy Crush.  She has no drink.  Khe Sanh is blaring in the background but she doesn’t know what it’s about and she doesn’t care.  Some silent, dull eyed ancient blokes around her sit up slightly as though they’ve heard the opening strains of the national anthem.

She’s usually here from around six.  If it’s quiet she’ll try the nightclub around the corner instead but she prefers it here.  The Lotus has too many girls; they have to fight over each guy.  Not at the Boomerang.  The Boomerang is easy, so long as it’s not too quiet.

Wendy has no interest in working at the hostess clubs.  She could never work for somebody else.  She chooses her customers for herself.  Any barang is okay; young, old, fat, whatever.  But no Asians.  Not even rich Chinese or tall Koreans.  Certainly no Cambodians or Vietnamese.  No Philipinos.  No Thais.  No Japanese.  She lists every East Asian country, ruling out the men from each.  What about Indians, then?  No.  Only barang.

Both Wendy’s parents were absent during her childhood so her grandmother took care of her.  At sixteen she took positions in Malaysia and Singapore doing domestic work, nannying, cleaning.  She worked for strict mistresses and naughty children.  It was tiring.  She returned to Cambodia at eighteen.  That year, her high school teacher fell in love with her and married her.  He was in his twenties.

The teacher-husband did not work out.  Wendy knew nothing of sex.  At night she would Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 3/18/16


What happens when Hispanics are racist to blacks?

Do animals go to heaven?  Spiritual beliefs related to animals across time and place.

The four sirens of the sexual apocalypse: reprise with scientific evidence.

Delicious Tacos loses his cat under tragic circumstances.  I try to maintain my psychopathic persona on this site but his story made me really sad.

Human germline engineering: the game changer.

The heckler’s veto: from Trump to Read More

Contributory Democracy


The current democratic system (one person, one vote) is unfair.  It assumes that everyone contributes equally to society and that everyone is equally invested in long-term outcomes.

I offer the following framework as an alternative which is neither fascistic nor communist.  I hope that a small, courageous and geopolitically unimportant country (New Zealand?) will trial it for the rest of us.  No need to pay me – just call it Vladocracy in my honour.

People shall be allocated voting power according to Read More

Quiet Word From the Dark Side, 3/10/16

Hello, lovelies.

Bertrand Russell is the only one who correctly predicted the future.  The old dirtbag read my mind before I was born.

Delicious Tacos goes to see Emma Sulkowicz.  And, Cry All You Want.

Against Interminable Arguments.

The URL is for sale.

Another view of the replication crisis.

Look before you leap in North Korea.

Cat ladies and childlessness are pushing America off a cliff.

From The Empty Subject: The Scapegoat and Do What You Love .

Trump supporters are like naughty children who Read More

Milk and Wine


Forty-five, fat in a short, roly-poly kind of way.  Greying, middle-aged hairstyle.  A loving and formidable mother to her school-age children.  She’d had an interesting life.  Rode a motorbike with her boyfriend (now husband) on the hippy trail from Calais to Singapore in the 1970s, passing through the Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on the way. She showed us a photo of them on the bike in outback Pakistan.  Yowzah!  She was well hot, dressed in skimpy shorts and a sleeveless shirt.  He was tall, hairy and clad in leather, a sombre intelligence emanating from his craggy features.  She was my former colleague.  A few of us got together at her house for a reunion.

She lived with her family on a sprawling bush property outside the city in a large, custom designed timber house.  They had a lady who came around once a week to help clean and they had a contract with a company that cleaned the pool and cleared the fire break.  It was far more than us low-level functionaries could afford on our own – clearly hubbie was on the shit.  Good for him.

The man himself met us at the door.  For a moment I was startled and  couldn’t guess who he might be.   Read More