A Modern Socratic Dialogue

John:  Shibboleth A.

Mary:  Not shibboleth A.  Shibboleth B.

John:  Shibboleth B?  No way.  Shibboleth A.

Mary:  Are you kidding me?  Shibboleth B!

John:  No, you are wrong.  Shibboleth bloodywell A.

Mary:  Nazi!

John:  Fattie!

Mary:  I’m going to call the
police and they’ll stop you from saying shibboleth A.  So there.

John:  . . .

Mary:  Shibboleth B.  Shibboleth B.  Shibboleth B.

Habib:  Shibboleth A, you kafir slut!  *slap*  *grope*

Mary:  Shibboleth A.


Further reading:  Denunciation


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