The Mask Slips


They say if you give a man enough rope, he’ll hang himself.  Let a man speak freely and he will confess all his crimes.

The internet is one, giant coil of rope and anyone who uses it long enough eventually gets tangled up, revealing more than he ought to.  This is certainly true of myself.  It is also true of others.  Read for long enough and the world will unwittingly reveal all its secrets and lies to you, one by one.

First, everyone’s favourite billionaire tyrant George Soros gives the game away on his site Project Syndicate, like a Bond villain outlining his evil plan before leaving the room and allowing our hero to get chopped up by a laser.  His henchman, the presumably steel-toothed Ian Buruma, lets slip that democracy is a bad idea when it allows the election of people his host doesn’t approve of, or the implementation of policies contrary to his goals.

. . . the message of populism is similar everywhere in the democratic world: Liberal elites are to be blamed for all our ills and anxieties, from Europe’s refugee crisis to the inequities of the global economy, from “multiculturalism” to the rise of radical Islam.

I’m no idealist about democracy, even in its liberal form.  I will suggest moderate reforms in a future post.  Those reforms will not, however, include allowing traumatised tycoons to run the show as they see fit.

We all pretend to believe in liberal democracy, but how many of us really do?  If dictatorial reforms would allow us to get everything we want without a fight, how many of us would be principled enough to say no?  Poor old George, as we saw, would happily give up the ‘democracy’ part.  Over at the Daily Kos, another writer would happily give up the ‘liberal’ part.  There’s too much freedom of speech, would sum up his argument.  I can imagine how this post came about.  He’s got a deadline.  He has to write something.  Like so many clickbait posts, it is a genuinely held belief that one is normally sensible enough to avoid saying aloud in polite company.  Suddenly such opinions help one to earn a living, and so out they come.

It’s not just the writers who put their foot in their mouths, or right up their own arses.  The commenters also, in aggregate, reveal useful truths about the world that you’d be happier not to know.  And when it comes to pathological commenters, you can’t go past The Guardian.

Here’s a recent article: Life after divorce: what it really feels like to end a marriage.  Some of the stories are about regret; others about a sad decision that worked out for the best.  Commenter realintheory writes:

Ha… yeah, yeah heartbreaking (oh, yes I’m divorced).. but try giving away half your salary for years to someone who cheated on you.. then try handing over a lot of money for the kids and not having any say in how its spent… then try handing over half a house that they never paid a penny for.. try losing 5 years of pension contributions. Marriage is a contract with a penalty clause no judge would uphold.

Ednamac replies with sensitivity:

What a generous charmer, I wonder why your partner ever divorced you?

And she got nineteen upvotes for that effort.  Also with nineteen votes (hopefully from the same nineteen readers), ClareLondon gives us her thoughts:

You’re bitter. But there’s two sides to every story.

Your wife may have been lonely in her marriage and vulnerable to being courted by someone else. You might have been so busy making all that money, you forgot you had a real live person with whom you were supposedly sharing your life. You may not have treated her with much respect – who knows? The way you express yourself here, with so much savagery – how did you talk to her? Were you self-important, impatient and contemptuous?

Maintaining any relationship is a challenge. But so long as you’re not actually starving now, then what’s the point of obsessing about the money? What’s that to do with anything? You’re only alive once and the sum of human happiness cannot be bought with money. It is gained by communication, kindness, sensitivity, tenderness towards another, sharing, being interested in one another, enjoying one another’s company. In a relationship of that type, the possibility of an affair which breaks up the marriage is massively reduced.

Having said all that, I hope you’ve managed to move on emotionally and found some happiness with someone else.

In other words, if your wife has an affair, it’s probably your fault.  If you bemoan paying your cheating wife alimony, you’re just greedy.

In other, classic Guardian moves, the featured comment is about a happy childless couple (but not gay this time), and a huge number of comments were censored before our poor, weak minds could be triggered by them.

So from the internet today I learned that people’s support for democracy and human rights is inconsistent, especially when it’s other peoples views or rights in question.  I learned that, if I ever marry, everything will be my fault and if my wife cheats and/or leaves me society will support her subsequent looting of my precious wealth and freedom.

Listening in real life is also a way of finding truth.  You don’t need to eavesdrop – have you ever actually listened to what someone was telling you?  A good time to hear RealTalk is during post-coital repose.  I have more opportunity than most to compile data in this way because I am a revolting slut. Here are some samples:

FWB1:  Why don’t you want to settle down and marry?

Nikolai:  Because married people fight all the time and don’t fuck any more.

FWB1:  We don’t fight . . .

Translation: Marry me and I won’t fuck you any more.  I know this is what she meant because we once got a little more serious and that’s what happened, instantly.  It took months of me being a total cunt before we was keen again.

FWB2:  Don’t you ever want to settle down and marry?

Nikolai:  Not really.

FWB2:  Why not?

Nikolai:  Because married people stop having sex, like [recently married couple we both knew well].

FWB2:  Hmm.  I lived with a boyfriend, once.  After a while I just didn’t want to sleep with him any more.  I don’t know why.

Other snippets:

Ex-girlfriend 1:  (About an incel, mutual friend)  He’s never had a girlfriend because he’s too nice.

Ex-girlfriend 2:  (paraphrasing) Most of my exes were really rich, like CEOs.  Rich guys are more confident, they expect that they can have any cute girl.  But there aren’t many around [our city] any more because of the GFC.

Ex-girlfriend 4:  (paraphrasing)  When I was young I was really cute.  I had a boyfriend for six years.  He was a DJ.  I knew he had other girls but I kept seeing him because I felt comfortable with him.

You get the picture.

So you see, if you want to know the truth about the world, you don’t have to read esoteric texts or trawl WikiLeaks.  You just need to read and listen.  People will blurt out the whole, sordid story if you only wait long enough.

Most people haven’t learned this for two reasons: 1.  They talk too much and don’t listen.  2.  They ignore problematic truths which are right there in front of them and scream down those who dare notice them.  Which is why I write this dark blog on the low down and never get drunk around colleagues.


Further reading: Denunciation.

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  1. caprizchka · February 26, 2016

    “It took months of me being a total cunt before we was keen again.” LOL. Funny. Chances are that you were a “total dick” and this caused her to melt into a puddle of adoring goo, rather than a “total cunt”.

    Sensitivity in a “total dick” is not particularly desirable. Cold, cruel, hard, and mean is about right. All that “sensitivity” crap is total propaganda. Now, giving a girl attention is highly important. Otherwise, the inmates start operating the asylum. Men who get so involved with their work that they stop demanding status reports from their female employees–a.k.a. “significant other”–are bound to meet with a dreadful surprise.

    It would seem to me that the success of any enterprise depends on the figurehead at least appearing to be happy, but yet not so content as to sit on his laurels. Therefore, in my view, it is her job to see that he’s happy and feeling powerful, and his job to ensure that there isn’t palace intrigue or other threats to his authority in the works. Given the proper challenges (and they never go away) there’s no reason that passion won’t remain, in waves or cycles, and often due to his displays of authority and ability to attract additional investors/employees/friendly takeovers. Employees perform best when kept on their toes given judicious reinforcement when they’re performing properly but not so much as to make them sit on their laurels. It’s just good management principle.


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  3. dickycone · November 11, 2017

    “Your wife may have been lonely in her marriage and vulnerable to being courted by someone else.”
    See, she really couldn’t help it.


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