Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 2/19/16

belly dancer

1,428-year-old company collapses.

Delicious Tacos turns forty.

This is a children’s video entitled The Unequal Opportunity Race that is being show in some American schools.  It was produced by the African American Policy Forum.

Kayne West is retarded.

Mighty, vengeful, all-knowing God engenders altruism, study finds.  This explains why I’m such a bastard.

Hypocrites in high places – the double standards of free speech.

Three cheers for academic dishonesty.  The headline is not ironic.

1911 Psychoanalytic Congress vs. 1927 Solvay Congress – spot the difference in the two photos.

The Turks are not very Turkic.

Valentine’s Day cards for spinsters.

The story of how Tom Arrows from Man Without Father got into a fight with two cops.

The Empty Subject has a new blog address and a new cock but the latter is sitting unused because his girlfriend is not having sex with him.

How to be super stealthy in 2106

Woman, boyfriend force her sixteen-year-old daughter to eat 30 pet goldfish.  The pair had previously been arrested four times for abusing the girl.

Escaped lions on the loose in Kenya’s capital.

That’s it.


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