Quiet Word From The Dark Side, 2/11/16

Putin’s Aleppo strategy pays off – an interesting look at the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and the murky role of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in prolonging the Syrian civil war.  The linked article largely riffs off a WSJ article hidden behind a paywall.

Steve Sailer posits that the Western world is following this sequence of political eras:

(1) hereditary right

(2) majority rule

(3) minority right

(4) the inalienable right of minorities to become the majority (while maintaining all the privileges of a modern minority)

The science on genes and IQ: an unstoppable train.

The Education Realist discusses something I’d never heard of: teacher slaves.

A modern day banned book.

Heartiste overhears a lady conversation.

A Benghazi-like scandal in the Philippines.

Classic Tacos: Tenga Easy Beat Egg road test.  Update: he just posted some sad news: Write Some More You Lazy Fuck.

Finally, a press conference that doesn’t put me to sleep.

A theory you’ve never heard before about cat ladies.

Oh, just for old time’s sake.  A Japanese man attempts to rob his own restaurant.


Further reading:  The Underclass and You and the previous Word from the Dark Side

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  1. educationrealist · February 12, 2016

    Teacher slaves? I hope not. Unless you view academic school as field labor, and TAs as house servants.


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