The Final Word From The Dark Side, January 31st 2016


Fuck Reddit.

Most of my Dark Side readers were coming from there.  One day nobody was dropping by so I investigated.  Turns out the Reddinquisition had shadowbanned me.  I complained and I got a reply, apparently from a human being who takes life very seriously, pontificating that I wasn’t commenting on other posts.  What cocks, following their own rules.  At least Stalin’s victims got a show trial – Reddit just gives you the bullet without ceremony.

So fuck them guys.  I’ll still post links but there will be fewer wacky Japanese schoolgirl knickers getting nicked by dodgy cop stories and more articles of interest to the discerning reader who is of equal or (more likely) somewhat higher intelligence than myself.

If you really like the dirty J-stories you can find them for yourself here.  People who use Reddit, feel free to post my stuff.  I’m not going to start a new account etc.

Rightio, let’s get started.  Fucking Reddit.

Delicious Tacos writes about everyone’s favourite topic: racial issues!

The Empty Subject Blog is having troubles with his new, bionic dick.

Over at Taki, all hell breaks loose when a Medievalist (those guys again!) goes off the reservation.  Steve Sailer tallies the complaints of the Oscar Grouches and finds them statistically wanting.

West Hunter has another account of an academic burned at the stake for heresy.

At Unz, a cheerful account of the ubiquity of murder in Jamaica.

An interesting look at the underlying sexual nature of public attitudes towards asylum seekers.  The ladies like ’em.  The fellas, not so much.  Hey, would you complain if stacks of hot Asian hoochi mama reffos poured into your country?

An important post about snorting cocaine off a lady’s bottom.

Captain Capitalism links to a really disturbing, and grimly predictable, story.  I won’t ruin the surprise.  He also talks about why women are always late.

Is Sweden really censoring the internet?  This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever heard and I’m not sure what to make of it.

Who else has been watching Japan’s economic policy with horrified fascination?  It’s like watching Jurassic Park as directed by Quentin Tarantino.  With public debt at around 200% of GDP, they now borrow around half of the annual budget.  Unlike Greece et al, they lend money to themselves, thus they’ve gotten away with it so far.  The only thing that could go wrong would be if something made the Japanese afraid to invest their money in Japanese banks, causing the whole house of cards to come fluttering down like blossoms in the wind.  And we come to the news: The Bank of Japan has introduced negative interest rates.  What happens next no one knows.  There is no historic precedent for Japan’s current economic situation.  がんばれ!

And let’s finish with what must be the most brilliant idea of all time, blowing Einstein and Darwin right out of the water: let’s print money to solve climate change.


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