The Word From The Dark Side, January 22nd, 2016


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Venus flytraps can count.  I wonder if they’re the only plant that can do this.

Man allegedly bites head off live rat, eats it, and posts graphic photos of his culinary feat on Facebook.  He is being investigated by the RSPCA.  Link contains said photos.

Air stewardess goes nuts on flight, gets the sack.

Anthropogenic climate change is the only thing saving us unappreciative apes from a grim fate.

Japanese women surveyed on what does and doesn’t constitute cheating on their boyfriend.  Interesting results.

Japanese cram school under fire for using erotic example sentences in language class.

Singaporean man fined a thousand bucks for spiking a female colleague’s drink with a love potion that contained poisonous ingredients.  Apparently he bought it online.

Nazi parody anime appears in Japan.  It also contains schoolgirls in scandalously short skirts.  You’d think these guys are just trolling the rest of the world, but the Japanese would be genuinely surprised to hear it caused a fuss.  Bless their cotton socks.

Group urges changing Buddhist temple marks on Japanese maps to avoid Nazi connotations.  Unrelated to the last story.

An article about Japanese upskirt umbrellas.  Kind of hard to explain, you’ll have to have a look for yourself.

Virtual reality takes porn to the next level.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti says chess is forbidden by Islam.  The last time I played I got beaten by a nine-year-old so I understand how he feels.

Why do humans sleep less than other primates?  ‘Cos they don’t have the internet perhaps.

Annoying mainland Chinese, obediently ignoring how awful their own government is, flood the new Taiwan president’s Facebook page with messages saying they own the island.  And the mainlanders wonder why everyone finds them so irritating and why no one wants to be brought under their kleptocratic control.  Remember, China: your enormous and brilliant civilization has been conquered by barbarians before.  Twice.  Good manners cost nothing.


Delicious Tacos is miserable about the Mexican whore.

The birth of Britain – the genetic origin of the British people, with surprise comment from Winston Churchill.

Charles Darwin’s pros and cons of marriage – he wrote them up.

The Matt Forney Show , Episode 121: Sex and Virtue in a Degenerate World.

The myth of the teacher leader – comment from the chalkface.

I stared in to the abyss.

Do we get recliners in Plato’s cave?

Here there be dragons: whole brain emulation.

Three reasons why European women should welcome more migrants.

Every violent male criminal is rewarded with sex from beautiful women.

If Big Bertha is not satisfied, a man will be executed.

That’s it.


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