The Word From The Dark Side, January 15th, 2016

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Let’s have us a look, shall we.

Kindly Chinese man invites homeless woman to dinner and she kidnaps his three-year-old granddaughter.

Father accused of murdering three-year-old son because his girlfriend was not fond of children.

Man shot point-blank for mispronouncing ‘Newfoundland’.  Well okay, it was a while ago.

Japanese high school teacher, 37, arrested for allegedly threatening his 19-year-old girlfriend and former student with revenge porn.

Japanese man, distraught over David Bowie’s death, threatens to kill himself, arrested.

Could just two people repopulate the earth?

Day care teacher convicted of cruelty in ‘Baby Fight Club’.

Uluru, the giant rock in the heart of the Australian desert, covered in waterfalls during a rare downpour.

Crocodile bites off woman’s arm in Australia.

How Australian households became the most indebted in the world.

Deadly, pregnant Eastern brown snake found under the refrigerator. A pleasant video accompanies the article.

Waking up with a bad hangover – and two men.

Wild boar on the loose in Hong Kong financial district evades police.


The inevitability of eugenics.

The Cologne cover-up.

The West is Best.  Honourable mention to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

#wastehistime, A Memoir. Quite the anecdote.

Women are more xenophilic than men.

Smashing through the glass coffin – the other gender discrimination in the workplace.

Coming soon to a society near you: polygamy and incest.

The Empty Subject gets used to his new dick and ending relationship

Expectation vs. reality: drug lords.

The chart that explains why stocks and bonds have grown while wages and employment levels have stagnated.

Immorality and the covert contract.

What is the most effective lifestyle change a Beta male can make?

DT’s sponsor doesn’t want him to see that coke-sniffing, drunken Mexican whore any more, but he’s gunna.  And it’s going to cost him.

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