The Word From The Dark Side, January 18th, 2015


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Japanese man beats up convenience store clerk for not smiling enough.

Man arrested for sticking chopsticks in his daughter’s ear.

Young Japanese people don’t want sex or marriage.

Trannie gives high-pitched grumble after being forced to remove fake cock and present for instruction.

Man drowns himself using murdered wife’s head.

Funny racist Thai ad for skin whitening cream.

Outrage over NY Cologne groping is racist.  I was wondering how they’d spin this one and now we know.

Photographer beats monkey in funny selfie copyright battle.  The monkey could not be reached for comment.

IS militant executes own mother.

Angry hippos.  They’re cannibals and they can’t swim.


Greedy eyes of Saudi sheikhs.

Was Gaddafi right?

IMGrody wants to hire illegal Mexicans.

Classic: Women and appreciation.

Classic: Don’t get married.

I was a good man.

Classic Delicious Tacos: Autopilot.

Classic Kill To Party: Beta anxiety and the vampiric alpha in Dracula (1931).

Captain Capitalism: The Clarey Podcast Episode 127.

Matt Forney: Five reasons not to beat your girlfriend or wife, why he’s going to Lesotho and his new book, Do The Philippines.

The myth of the teacher leader.

Idiot Proof – why intelligence doesn’t influence genetic fitness.

After a quiet run, Delicious Tacos comes out swinging.  First, his bittersweet love affair with a spider.  He pauses for breath just for a moment before offering a timely defense of Arab gropers.  Finally, he hangs shit on his girlfriends, apparently using their real names.  All most charming and recommended for the discerning reader.

The Empty Subject gets tubes surgically inserted in his balls so that he can maintain erections, then watches so many right-wing YouTube videos during his recovery that he goes nuts.

A video of Angela Merkel throwing away a German flag.  Her name is very similar to merkin, isn’t it.

Tom Arrows gets into a fistfight with a cop and gets put into a mental hospital.

That’s it.


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