The Word From The Dark Side, January 1st, 2016.


A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

I’d like to say this is going to be a bumper issue for the new year, but nope.  Just the same old shit.


For once, a Japanese news story devoid of vulgarity!  A giant squid swam in to a bay and was observed up close by locals.  They were surprised!  A local dive shop owner, with balls the size of hot air balloons, jumped in to film the creature.  His video is included in the article.  The squid eventually headed back out to sea without ravaging any local beauties.

Japan don’t want no foreign reffos.

Former Japanese head teacher who had sex with 12,000 Filipino prostitutes convicted of taking photos of underage girls, receives suspended sentence.

Drunk government employee allegedly gropes woman on train, then molests her rescuer as well.

 Popular comedian arrested on suspicion of stealing dozens of schoolgirl uniforms from a Tokyo high school.
Belgian soldier and police ‘held orgy’ during Brussels lockdown.
US woman whose body turns food into alcohol beats drink driving charge.
Rat forces Air India jet to return.
The weird shit that would happen to you if you fell into a black hole.  For starters, you’d get cloned.
The creatures that live on your face.  Yep, everyone’s face.
Gay animals.  Literally.
Call girl’s ‘Pretty Woman‘ romance hits the rocks.  Should be read by every stupid man everywhere.  Be honest: I’m stupid, I read it; it helped.


Delicious Tacos has posted a whole lot of material that didn’t make the cut last year.  I thought it was pretty interesting, especially the parts that continued previous dramas.  So check out:
He’s also got a new, characteristically charming post entitled If It Flies, Floats or Fucks.
The Empty Subject Blog is getting two inflatable rods put into the bottom of his cock so that he can get stiffies.  I’d never heard of this technology before but there you go.
The big difference between the study of philosophy and English literature.  Without the former, the latter is just pissing in the wind.
Is the left saying that Muslims are easily radicalized?
What to do after sex.
That’s it.
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