The Word From The Dark Side, December 18th, 2015


Here’s a weird one: West Australian motorcyclist clotheslined by a rope across the road and then glassed by a mob of kids.  And he refused to condemn them.  And he looks like a girl.

Australian scientists find that women like tall men with big dicks.

Stripper at a buck’s night accused of raping the best man with a statuesque pink dildo.

Grieving New Zealand woman bathes her husband’s decomposing corpse for six weeks.

Fifty percent of Nigerians are illiterate.

The nearly indestructible crustaceans that can live for 10,000 years.

An angry monkey attacks a tortoise with sticks and stones for no apparent reason.

Nine vampire animals.  One is a frog and one is a bird.

Off-duty Cambodian police officer kills village chief and his son over argument about street lamps.

The Americans who get deported from Mexico.

Nothing from Japan this week.  Those guys must have been behaving themselves.


Empty Subject can’t get a stiffy.  Nevertheless, it is good to be alive.

The punchable face finals.  Just in: the Grand Final.

A piece of forgotten WWII history – German Americans interred and deported.

Birth control makes women crazy and unattractive.

Aquatic ape explained: horny boars and dolphin whores.

Are modern cities harems?

Why Man Without Father doesn’t learn game.  He’s a troubled fellow but golly he knows some excellent otaku music.  I feel a little less Illuminati.

IMGrody roots an eighteen year old girl who has herpes.

What to do after sex.

For a huge collection of unconventional blogs, check out this aggregator.

That’s it.


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