The Word From The Dark Side, December 12th 2015

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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Mysterious ghost ships containing headless bodies have been appearing along the Japanese coast.

Japanese man arrested for killing girlfriend’s baby with stimulants.

Baby dies after parents throw her out with the trash.  Ah, safety Japan.

A small Japanese city attracts tourists with a big-titted anime character, causes a stir.  Yes, the article has a picture.

Our old friend syphilis is making a comeback in Japan.  Guess which demographic is ‘most at risk’?  If you understand the neoharem then you will already know.

A doddering surge of elderly shoplifters in aging Japan.

Australian anti-vaccination activist’s baby hospitalized for whooping cough.

Cambodian man accidentally shoots and kills colleague with a pen gun they found in a discarded wallet.

New Zealand considers adopting a new flag that is almost as ugly as the old one.

Defense contractors laud themselves for steering US candidates towards militarism.

Cussing is a sign of a strong vocabulary.

Sleeping too much is almost as deadly as smoking.


Lately in Delicious Tacos: Where the Heart Is and Why Don’t You Write About James Deen.  Also, here is a list of things DT doesn’t want to do.

Being racist is literally worse than death.  Also contains jokes about funny Asian names.

Punchable face competition.

Man Without Father tells us about his misogyny and warns us of the dangers of shy girls.

Masculine identity in the film Primer.

IMGrody spots a ghost.  Koanic Soul has a theory.  Wooooo!

The IMF joins the New Cold War.

An unconventional idea to end gun violence.

Love, marriage and imperialism.

Looks like the start of an interesting new blog: the first post is maudlin musings on an unfaithful girlfriend.

What if everyone knew everything?

Some twerp whines about underage Australian feminists.

That’s it.


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