Being a Gigolo


We’ve all wistfully pondered it (or is this just my abnormal life), but have you ever countenanced our most ancient trade as a realistic financial option?

Image a wealthy lady of advanced years offers you $200 to entertain her for an hour.  She will ensure the venue is discreet and comfortable.  You are only expected to engage in vanilla sex acts.  What do you think?  For those of you who said no, what about $300?  $500?  This is a woman in her fifties who is not especially more putrid than her same-age peers.  If this were a regular gig it would be a massive, tax-free boost to your income.  Imagine if you popped over a couple times a week.  That would be some tidy pocket money, right there.  It would at least keep you out of the Underclass.

What if your client requested a more intimate act, one that would have you brushing your teeth afterwards, and offered $1000 a pop?  I reckon most red-blooded blokes would take the cash.  You know how disgusting I am.  And so are you.  No?  Okay, how’s $2000?  Don’t lie to yourself.  Once a week and you’d soon be ready to retire.

Let’s step it up a notch.  She and a few of her buddies suggest urinating upon your naked person.  Stop running away, dear!  They’re offering $5000 for an hour on a wet weekend.  Don’t pretend you’re not interested.

Okay, let’s put this baby to bed.  $10,000 for a cock up your ass.  A once-off.  Deal, or no deal?

Me, I don’t need the $10,000 so I’d turn it down.  Don’t feel bad if you made the other decision, though.  We don’t judge our comrades here at the People’s Blog.

As for the older ladies, I’d need to see a photo.  If she’s well-maintained she may be eligible for a freebie.

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