How to Meditate


In ancient Japan, so the legend goes, samurai attacked a temple during a political conflict between Shinto and Buddhism.  The warriors were astonished to find monks kneeling in tranquil reflection while they were being slaughtered.  Ever practical, the samurai realized that meditation could be harnessed to achieve god-like stillness of mind even amid the fury and terror of battle.  Zen Buddhism was born and few outsiders fucked with the insanely battle-ready samurai for centuries – with a bit of help from the odd typhoon.

Today, a man still requires mental calm most during stressful times: talking to hoochi mamas, pitching a fraudulent business plan or helping a friend who is on fire.  He might also wish to Read More

Horror Show

Note to reader:  All the pictures on this page have been deleted.  Without them, there’s not much meaning to the post.


scully young scully old

Above: Scully in The X-Files and again, today.


Readers, I have a shameful habit.  No, I don’t mean sticking my finger up my bum when I wank.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

When watching an old movie featuring a nubile hottie, I search the actress to see what she looks like today.  I also do this for 90s pop stars and the like.  Why?  Because I am a contemptible human being.



(The girl comes on soon):


Nancy Coolen in Slave to the Music video clip, and today.


pamela young  pamela old

Pamela Anderson in Baywatch, and today.


shannen young

shannen old

Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills 90210, and today.

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The Word From The Dark Side, December 18th, 2015


Here’s a weird one: West Australian motorcyclist clotheslined by a rope across the road and then glassed by a mob of kids.  And he refused to condemn them.  And he looks like a girl.

Australian scientists find that women like tall men with big dicks.

Stripper at a buck’s night accused of raping the best man with a statuesque pink dildo.

Grieving New Zealand woman bathes her husband’s decomposing corpse for six weeks.

Fifty percent of Nigerians are Read More

A Bedroom Suprise


“Roaarr!” I growled as I grabbed her, throwing her across the bed.  The woken cats fled in annoyance.  She giggled as I tried to pull up her singlet, squawked when I took advantage of her distraction to pull down her pants, flip her over and get in one quick spank before she escaped.

Launching herself back over the bed, she lunged at me, trying to pin me down and hold me by the balls.  I got out from under her but still she had my balls, a fierce grin on her face.  The struggle continued until we both started shivering and retreated under the covers.  Her leopard-skin patterned quilt was too thick for a man on such a mild evening but it would take time to warm up.

I seized her for more roughhousing and felt something cool lying under her body, on her side of the bed.

“What’s that?” Read More

The Word From The Dark Side, December 12th 2015

nz flag.jpg

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Mysterious ghost ships containing headless bodies have been appearing along the Japanese coast.

Japanese man arrested for killing girlfriend’s baby with stimulants.

Baby dies after parents throw her out with the trash.  Ah, safety Japan.

A small Japanese city attracts tourists with a big-titted anime character, causes a stir.  Yes, the article has a picture.

Our old friend syphilis is making a comeback in Japan.  Guess which demographic is ‘most at risk’?  If you Read More

Being a Gigolo


We’ve all wistfully pondered it (or is this just my abnormal life), but have you ever countenanced our most ancient trade as a realistic financial option?

Image a wealthy lady of advanced years offers you $200 to entertain her for an hour.  She will ensure the venue is discreet and comfortable.  You are only expected to engage in vanilla sex acts.  What do you think?  For those of you who said no, what about Read More