The Word From The Dark Side, November 27th, 2015

chinese robot

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


IS recognizes Taiwan.

Chinese tourists ruining Taiwanese tourism.

Chinese fighting robots.

Nutella rejects personalised jar for five-year-old girl named Isis.

Mexican police caught on camera participating in drag race.

Search on for escaped Bengal tiger near Acapulco.

Meanwhile, two emus on the run in Japan.

Mexican pollsters mistaken for kidnappers by paranoid locals, beaten and burned to death.

New Zealand obesity campaigner quits; says kiwis still too fat.

Bali rejects Sharia tourism.


A woman’s body may incorporate DNA from the semen of her lovers, even if they do not impregnate her.

Democrats want to be led by girly-boys, Republicans want to be led by Conan the Barbarian.  Now scientifically proven.

Deluded fat chick of the month.

Some good news for the Tacos?

An interesting account of a US Navy Submariner’s experience in the service.

The origin of life discovered.

Why, after centuries of mixing, are Mexico’s elite still white?  Here’s an interesting theory, and it’s neither of the things you’re guessing.

Indians: our great and worthy enemy.

Drone veterans have accounts frozen for speaking out.

The Syrian war as a proxy for great power conflict.

Why clever people are stupid.

That’s it.


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