Everyone’s Buffing

I recently attended a convention dominated (rather meekly) by SWPL professionals of various nationalities.  I gazed around, as one does, to check out the talent and the competition.

The white women were a bit fat.  The Asian women were petite unless they’d been living too long in a Western country.  Others: varied.  Few looked particularly fit or sporty.

The fellows, on the other hand.  Almost to a man, they showed evidence of years of weight training.

They weren’t huge.  Most men can’t get as big as the guys you see on protein powder jars unless they take PEDs.  But they were fit.  They’d obviously been doing basic compound lifts alongside some cardio or regular sports.  Almost all the guys aged in their twenties and thirties (and some others) looked pretty active.  The fat blokes stood out.

People mock leftie, soft science SWPL manlets as clueless and weak, but a lot of these guys secretly read the kind of blogs linked here under the covers.  They know the marketplace for their SWPL (and Asian) female peers has toughened in this epoch of the neo-harem and they are playing to win.

Most of them were also well dressed, had decent haircuts, strong posture and appeared comfortable talking to the tender gender.  Good on them.

In case I’m sounding a little gay, I did pay some attention to the girls.  I got cheeky action with a determined foreign lady of lonely circumstances.  She complimented me upon my mildly buffed exterior (and posterior).

She was a bit fat.


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  1. Atlanta Man · November 4, 2015

    I am in Miami and everyone is fucking attractive but short and not so friendly. In Atlanta this summer and early fall the men are skinny and vegetarian looking, if you are in shape you stand out. Especially if you are over thirty and in shape, the women in their early twenties look good but to look good in their thirties requires some socioeconomic standing. College girls are hot, so are high school chicks- but a lot of that is youth.


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