The Word From the Dark Side – October 30th, 2015


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion

Delicious Tacos somehow mixes neuroticism with debauchery.  Check out the comments for what I hope will turn into a Literary Feud.

A man in Japan cuts a hole in the floor to rape the woman downstairs.  Note his remarks to police.

I challenge anyone to read this dross all the way through.  Warning: it is not a parody.

Men, lacking guns, arrested for threatening police officers with a plastic dinosaur while saying “Roar!”

I didn’t know that the Khmer Rouge implemented a program of forced marriages.  I don’t like to be too hard on those guys but I’m afraid that’s a black mark against their name.  These days, the current, Khmer Rouge affiliated prime minister, Hun Sen, is championing a more civilized system of government.  It’s the South East Asian Switzerland.

Education Realist has an interesting theory that kids get into trouble with cops because they treat them like teachers, who have more patience and fewer guns.

A levitation machine.  How soon until it’s adapted into a sex toy?  We’ll wonder how we ever fucked without it.

I’ve reckoned for a while that modern comforts are dysgenic because runts and weaklings all survive.  Look at me – how would I have made it to adulthood without antibiotics and “Use your words”?  This is an interesting article on the topic, together with possible future directions.

Marriage 2.0 in one graphic.

Every time you see a story like this from India, get out there and eat a steak.  Real men put themselves on the line for their principles.

The reason women initiate 70% of divorces.

The thousand cuck stare.

That’s it.


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