The State is a Harsh Mistress


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What is the difference between a left leaning person and a right leaning person?

The left leaning person has greater need of the State.  The right leaning person needs it less.

In the absence of the State a man must seek his own justice together with his clan.  Dominant men adore this system.  Weak men tremble at the very thought.  These less vigorous men trend left because the modern State jealously guards its monopoly on violence.  It protects them from stronger men who would cave their skulls in and carry off their delighted womenfolk.

In the absence of the State, a man must provide for himself and his family.  Capable, high social value men who know they can feed themselves embrace the concept.  Less confident and less valuable men fear living without the sugar net.

In the absence of the State, women must be skilled and must secure the commitment and protection of a powerful man.  Attractive, practical women trend right.  Mentally unstable, fat and ugly women trend left.


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In the absence of the State, infrastructure is minimal and the world is wild.  Energetic people of strong immunity who can hunt, gather and work the land thrive.  Less robust people who prefer the indoors die of bacterial infections.

In the presence of the State the government makes harsh demands upon her citizens.  Gold must be offered up upon pain of prison rape.  Successful men resent State confiscation.  Unsuccessful men, who have little wealth to tax, are instead the recipients of these mandatory alms.

The State is stronger than any collection of rugged individuals, clans or tribes because it is larger, wealthier and more organized.  The State has obliterated primitive cultures in many parts of the world and will continue to do so.  A thousand educated, disciplined Beta males are far more powerful than a rabble of a hundred Alphas.


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There are vastly more Betas than Alphas so the Betas, and the States they build, will inherit the earth.  At least, it seemed that way in the West until the Betas dropped the ball in the 1960s.

What about you?  Are you a strong man of the right who would flourish in a minimalist State?  Or are you a weak man whose very survival depends upon the conveniences of our enforced civilization?

Me, I’m a timid ne’er-do-well whose native inclination is towards the left.  But at least I’m man enough to admit it.


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