The Word From the Dark Side – October 17th, 2015


Brigitte Bardot before she was a crazy old cat woman (Cannes, 1953).  The original Retronaut site seems to have gone so I had to link to this one.  This set of photos reminds me of Tender Is The Night.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

Japanese couple file suit over six month remarriage ban for women.  Interesting legal view on the paternity of the child, too.

Police take at least one and a half hours to respond to bank robbery in Nigeria.  I wonder why?  Hint: the robbers took their merry time.

Australia and New Zealand to bury the hatchet?  If you get the feeling that the article is tip-toeing around something, that’s because it is.  Most of the NZ deportees are Maoris and other Polynesians.

Fuck off, men.  This hottie’s taking over.

What do Cambodian teachers have to do to get fired?

I’m not sure exactly what this article means but watch out for your privates if you’re in Tanzania.

Millennials had no childhood.  I just missed this phenomenon – hooray for age and poverty!

When socialized lending rubs up against the discriminatory free market.

If you like link pages you might like this one.

Whatever happened to the Portuguese Empire?

You know that news about how magnets can make you less racist or religious?  Here’s an interesting analysis of the experiment.

In the US, the spending pie gets bigger.  Reminds me of the Magic Pudding.

You get one shot at true romance and it’s in High School.  I admire people who write honestly and I aspire to one of them.

I am free.  Yeah, I snuck it in there.

Fuck those other men.  Gotta love the Tacos.

TakiMag’s The Week That Perished.

Last minute entry!  Just had to add this news from Tasmania.  Enjoy the ugg boot reference.

And that’s your lot for the week.


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