The Word From the Dark Side – October 30th, 2015


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion

Delicious Tacos somehow mixes neuroticism with debauchery.  Check out the comments for what I hope will turn into a Literary Feud.

A man in Japan cuts a hole in the floor to rape the woman downstairs.  Note his remarks to police.

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Another girl, in another city.  I’d met her three hours ago.  As we strolled near my hotel I pondered which line I would use – come in for a cup of coffee?  Before I could say a word she pushed the elevator button and marched straight on in.  She reclined on my bed and watched a Korean drama while I had a shower.  I lay beside her and wrapped an arm affectionately around her shoulders.

She gaped at me, shocked.  “What are you doing?” Read More

The Word From the Dark Side – October 24th, 2015

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

Refugees refuse to be resettled in Papua New Guinea, despite it being a ‘land of opportunities.’  As long as you’re not a witch.  These articles act as appendices to Denunciation and White Man’s Burden.

How online dating deters average women from forming relationships.

Secrets of the Syrian War.  One of the best articles I’ve read on Read More

The State is a Harsh Mistress


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What is the difference between a left leaning person and a right leaning person?

The left leaning person has greater need of the State.  The right leaning person needs it less.

In the absence of the State a man must seek his own justice together with his clan.  Dominant men adore this system.  Weak men tremble at the very thought.  These less vigorous men trend left because the modern State jealously guards its monopoly on violence.  It protects them from stronger men who would cave their skulls in and carry off their delighted womenfolk.

In the absence of the State, a man must provide for himself and his family.  Capable, high social value men who know they can feed themselves embrace the concept.  Less confident and less valuable men fear living without the sugar net.

In the absence of the State, women must be Read More

The Word From the Dark Side – October 17th, 2015


Brigitte Bardot before she was a crazy old cat woman (Cannes, 1953).  The original Retronaut site seems to have gone so I had to link to this one.  This set of photos reminds me of Tender Is The Night.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

Japanese couple file suit over six month remarriage ban for women.  Interesting legal view on the paternity of the child, too.

Police take at least one and a half hours to respond to bank robbery in Nigeria.  I wonder why?  Hint: the robbers took their merry time.

Australia and New Zealand to bury the hatchet?   Read More

How to be Free


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Today I went over some papers and realized:

I am free.

Step into my world and have a look around, dear reader.  But don’t remove the plastic sheets from the sofa.  And take your shoes off.  Yeah I know it’s pretentious.  I don’t care.

Imagine that the worst comes to the worst (short of the actual end of the world).  I am hounded out of my job under suspicion of holding offensive (though accurate) beliefs, or by an absurd accusation hurled by Read More