The Word from the Dark Side – September 26, 2015


Image of unrelated idol group confiscated from Japan Today.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

What is Japan?  This is Japan.

Some people really want to work for the state.

A court in India decides that, yes, the law against child marriage even applies to Muslims.

A woman is punched in the face while attending an Australian Rules football final.

Finally, a car for the average Nigerian.

An unconventional suggestion for improving America’s schools.

Short and true hatefact about modern men and women.

Murderers should get custody of their children because . . .

Musings on a black homeland.

The real reasons why the world will, most certainly, end.

Montana dreaming.

Look at the crap the rest of the world is reading.

Jews don’t count as white, say Jews.

How to get a foreign passport.  Just in case.

I thought it was just me who was getting sick of explaining the difference between sales and profits.

Nor am I the last remaining advocate of the sensible hat.


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