The New Soviet Man


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A man is not born of God, complete.  He is living clay; a being who may be pressed into any shape.  Thus, the so-called ‘Kazakhs’, ‘Ukrainians’ and the native peoples of Siberia, when embraced by the Proletariat revolution, become, instead, New Soviet Men.

These men are not fooled by the running dogs of Capital who seek to divide them against themselves by language or culture.  The New Soviet Man, modern and enlightened, recognizes his natural affinity and equality with all workers, be they distant Slavs, downtrodden Americans or the working class Bantu of southern Africa.  He sees through the false alienation between the sexes and religions.

The Economic Man of the West seeks only money, either for greed or for fear of poverty and the gutter.  He loathes and distrusts his fellow man, who might at any time degrade or enslave him.


The New Soviet Man is a different species.  Freed from the struggle of material want imposed by the malicious bourgeoisie, he embraces a selfless and loyal character.  Grown strong from ample, scientifically farmed Soviet food and intelligent from his modern, Socialist education, he works tirelessly for the benefit of the People and the State.

Advance, New Soviet Men!  Denounce reactionaries and promote revolution to the workers of the world that they may, in historical inevitability, join the Communist Society of the Twenty-First Century.


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