the night is young so are the girls

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Somewhere in the third world, Isaiah is on a four-day bender.

Typically, revelers realize they were on a bender once they regain consciousness in agony; sober, penniless and suffering mysterious injuries. Not Isaiah. He is a deliberate and intelligent man.

He has six days off work – a very responsible job in education administration. He has scheduled four days of binging and two days of recovery. On Monday he will be back at work, shaven, sensible and competent.

While a bender necessarily contains random elements, he has it roughly plotted out. There is the pub, the Last Chance Saloon, where most of the work will be done; a venue where his colleagues will not turn up unexpectedly and where he can usually find a fight or other entertainment. There will be some trips to other favorite haunts. There will be drunken slumbers broken by ten a.m. returns to the Last Chance Saloon where the hair of the dog will gradually accelerate to an evening crescendo.

I meet Isaiah because I’m staying upstairs and eating downstairs. The pub is in an impoverished country that attracts ex-pats with its cheap beer, ‘happy’ pizza and general lawlessness. Read More



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Notable Denunciations in History

Denunciation did not start or end in Communist societies.

In the 1500s and 1600s the air of Europe was rank with the acrid tang of burnt witch.

In ancient times Socrates was offed for ‘perverting the youth’, or, in modern parlance, being a bit of a smart ass.

There are occasional reports from the most primitive regions of the world Read More

The New Soviet Man


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A man is not born of God, complete.  He is living clay; a being who may be pressed into any shape.  Thus, the so-called ‘Kazakhs’, ‘Ukrainians’ and the native peoples of Siberia, when embraced by the Proletariat revolution, become, instead, New Soviet Men.

These men are not fooled by Read More